Star Trek > Star Wars

Netflix has the original series (with updated special effects) on streaming… I’ve watched about a dozen episodes.  Now, I’ve always been on the Star Wars side of the issue.  But after suffering a 20 year wait only for George Lucas to give me Jar-Jar Binks… I have come to reconsider both Sci-Fi universes and I have a new conclusion.

Star Trek is Cooler than Star Wars.

In Trek, they never miss.  Or at least, almost never miss.  In Wars, they always miss and Princess Leia is the best shot out of all of them.  In Trek you have Hot Female Crew Members in super short mini-skirts and Go-Go boots.  They also frequently encounter other amazingly hot chicks in all sorts of various hot outfits.

In Wars, you have Leia, who isn’t all that great looking, in a bronze bikini.  No need to post that pic… it’s over used.
Okay, now some of you are thinking, Ogre… Hot chicks don’t make good Sci-Fi.   I have to counter that and say, “Yes, yes it does.”  Because with the exceptions of THE THING and the ALIEN franchise… Good Sci-Fi has Hot Chicks.  Blade Runner, Check.  Dune, Check – ah… same hot chick!  Dune’s Sci-Fi channel remake – hottness… Pitch Black, check.  Farscape, check… same hot chick again… As Brooks and Dunn says… Put a Girl in it, or you aint got nothin.


14 thoughts on “Star Trek > Star Wars”

  1. Between “…space change in my pocket.” and Opossum Aliens
    I have to call a :facepalm
    I couldn’t figure out where the melons where as this is the bridge and not the messhall.

    Another Pig

    Star Wars never struck a chord with me like Trek did. Jar-Jar and Darth Boring finished it off like a gut-shot squirrel.

      1. Episode 1 (along with 2, 3 & 6) was total crap and I have a hard time beliving that Lucas had anything to do with any of the prequels. Star Trek was an obvious reflection of the 60’s. Very campy and you could always tell who was going to get killed by the color of their shirt…that and Kirk was always hittin’ it.

  2. It took you 20 YEARS to figure this out Ogre? My we are slow today….

    Some of the “classic” Trek episodes like their remake of the submarine drama of the enemy below is all time classic’s..

  3. The thing about Star Trek was that it wasn’t all written by the producer. A lot of different science fiction writers produced or adapted stories for the series. They had some trite crap from time to time of course.
    On a Poliwood segment, they postulated that stories on TV tend to be better in that TV is a writer/producers medium were as movies tend be a directors/stars medium. Having tried to read a George Lucas book one time I can well believe it. On the first Star Trek someone did have a thing for green skinned women. On the later Star Treks for some reason, they had really bad hair styles for the cast regulars for the most part. I remember a movie director saying a director can ruin a movie, and actor can foul one up, but if you have a bad story neither a good actor or director can save the movie.

  4. I have to partially disagree Tony. Certainly, there are some socialist elements, like the apparent lack of currency, the ugly portrayal of the uber-capitalist Ferengi, and so forth. But at the same time, it’s a universe where technology has advanced to the point that basic needs can be met with almost no effort, so it does allow humans to pursue loftier endeavors full time, like exploring the galaxy, and more thoroughly address questions of the human condition, like moral dilemmas that are often the crux of that week’s storyline. I think those are themes that are universal, not socialist or liberal.

    After Roddenberry passed away and they started Deep Space Nine, I thought it was a far more accurate portrayal of what the future might look like. Commerce abounds between the alien species, political intrigue causes headaches, and wars over freedom, territory, and xenophobia have the potential to destroy planets and civilizations.

  5. Depends on the era….Original STAR TREK and the original three STAR Wars movies are the best…with DEEP SPACE NINE coming in close behind.

    The recent STAR WARS movies, the CLONE WARS cartoon, THE NEXT GENERATION, and VOYAGER are just a waste of screen time….

    ENTERPRISE could have been great if they’d let the guy who did the last season do the whole thing….

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