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Star Trek > Star Wars

Netflix has the original series (with updated special effects) on streaming… I’ve watched about a dozen episodes.  Now, I’ve always been on the Star Wars side of the issue.  But after suffering a 20 year wait only for George Lucas to give me Jar-Jar Binks… I have come to reconsider both Sci-Fi universes and I have a new conclusion.

Star Trek is Cooler than Star Wars.

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She’s just a girl

One of the things that I find irritating is that when a guy who doesn’t know a whole bunch about guns wants to buy his wife or girlfriend a gun… it’s always in tiny calibers.  The mentality is that “She’s just a girl.”

A rifle will be a .243 and a pistol will be .380 or a 9mm or even smaller.  Come on guys.  Get real.  A woman, especially a red blooded American woman, can handle any gun that she wants to handle.

My wife can shoot the hell out of her 12 gauge pump, and a .45 1911.  My little Sis-In-Law rocked out with my AK and my 7mm Rem Mag, and she’s all hair and eyelashes.   Are these women special or other wise incredible?  Well, yes, they are amazing gals… but they are not Xena Clones or anything… but the reason they can handle these guns is that they want to.  Give them more credit.  Taken them shooting more often.  Managing bigger guns is all about Will and a little experience to show them that they can.  Work them up to a bigger gun, but don’t buy them something puny because “she’s just a girl.”