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It’s become the Cool Guy thing to rip on Talk Radio. Even when quoting – it’s important for Cool Guy to distance himself any association with Talk Radio. That’s fine. That can be your thing. Eat your Peanut M&Ms by the bagful and then complain that it has nuts in it. Go ahead.
Me, I love talk radio and most of the time my radios are tuned to an AM Talk station… When it’s not, it’s on a Classic Rock station but usually that’s just when the Talk Radio is doing Sports. Not that I have anything against Sports – it’s just that I find that Radio is a poor venue for Sports. Unless it’s Jim Rome, and then he’s about Talk Radio again.  And you guys know all about my involvement with Armed American Radio, with Mark Walters, a 3 hour live radio talk show about firearms related news, politics, and hardware.  Most of the time I come in during the 3rd Hour Round Table.  I’ve also been quoted on other radio talk shows and have called in (had been asked to) to several others as well.  I basically grew up around Talk Radio… so much so that it’s almost a Parental Figure in my life.
I don’t get to listen to Talk Radio as much as I’d like. You heard that right. I like to listen to Talk Radio and would do so more if it was possible.
Here are my favorites for Weekday Talk Radio:

Rush Limbaugh: This man pioneered the whole genre and he is just as good as when I first heard him back in ’91. I first heard about him from a Canadian couple in the Wisconsin Dells area. They loved him. I listened. Now I do to. Rush is usually the main target of Cool Guy Slandering, but screw it. The man is an icon for a reason.
Glen Beck:  I really dig Glen and his strange sense of humor.  I like his style.  I love it when he gets pissed off and fired up.  It’s annoying when he gets emotional about things, but he usually clears up by the next segment and gets fired up about something again.  He’s entertaining.  I agree with him about a lot of things… not as much as I agree with Rush, but I disagree with Rush too on some things.
Dennis Prager:  Dennis makes a lot of sense and comes to his view points from a different perspective.  He’s probably the most educated of the Talkers, and even when he advocates a position I disagree with, he does so in a logical manner so that I can respect his position, even if I don’t agree.  He talks about some things the other guys don’t.  His weekly “Happiness Hour”, “Big Issue Hour”, and the “Man – Woman Hour” are usually interesting, and it’s refreshing to get away from Politics.
Hugh Hewitt:  He’s a bit more like Glen Beck in that he’s much more entertaining.  He comes from an active political background, so he knows much of that which he speaks… one of the Town Hall talkers, he’s tight with Dennis and Mike Medved… but Hugh is the more laid back of the bunch.  His opportunistic ripping of Pittsburg Steelers and their fans is endearing.  (GO PACKERS!)
Neal Boortz:  Flaming red hot Libertarian.  One of the very few.  You can never call him a Republican Shill.
George Noory:  I miss the good old days of Art Bell, the original (I think) host of Coast to Coast AM.  This is the one radio talk show that anyone who has had to drive across the country at night, or worked a Grave Yard Shift, is well familiar with.  Patrolling around Richmond, Coast to Coast was my Partner.  Some of the most goofy, stupid, and sometimes even interesting stuff is talked about on Coast to Coast AM.
If I have to listen to Sports, Jim Rome is the man.  He makes it interesting and when something happens in the world of sports that I key in on, I check out Jim Rome’s take on the matter.  He doesn’t disappoint.

On the weekends:

Car Talk with the Car Guys.  Just wish they would stop laughing so much and give more actual information… but they are entertaining.
Kim Commando.  A Computer and Technology stuff… she has a sexy voice for a Geek Chick.
Town Hall’s Weekend show.  Highlights from the week.
And of course, ARMED AMERICAN RADIO with Mark Walters… He has a sexy voice too, doesn’t he?  What’s cool is that I can call a lot of his guests “Friends”.  And if you are a Gun Owner – You can too.

Let me throw out a couple of Pod Casts that I like too.  These guys are also personal friends as well… Great guys that have great shows… These guys are what validates my MP3 Player for me:
GUNFIGHTER CAST.  Daniel Shaw… or “The Shaw of Japan” as he is known in Utah.  He does his thing while stationed in Japan.  The brother is an Active Duty US Marine and he kicks ass.  Sure, I’ve outshot him… but he’s still a great shot and one of our American Warriors.
THE GUN DUDES. These guys… Man.. Hanging out with them is a riot.  That translates well into their radio show.  Because listening to them is just like hanging out with them.  They are really like that.  And they are also accomplished shooters in their own rights.  Except for Stan, who is only pretty good.  Just kidding Stan!
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11 thoughts on “Talk Radio”

  1. Great post! I have found myself listening to more talk radio as I’ve gotten more “mature”. I love Coast to Coast AM when I’m driving to and from emergencies at the vet clinic at night. There are some wacky things on that one! And if you haven’t checked out Gunfighter Cast or the Gun Dudes, you’re just wrong. I can also vouch for them. I’ve shot with the Dudes and hung out with them a bit, and yes, they are just as cool as they come across on the show. Thanks for the list Ogre! Doggiedoc out.

  2. Right there with you. AM talk first – classic rock second – sports third. My only beef with your selection of hosts is Dennis Prager. Nice guy, very educated. Boring. Seriously, he puts me to sleep. Dude, its radio – you can’t pause for ten seconds between thoughts. ( grin ) That said he’s got a lot of good points but I just can’t take much of his style. Personally I prefer Mark Levin. Acerbic, smart a**ed and opinionated but the man has a razor sharp intellect to back it up. Can’t wait for his new book to come out.

  3. I was going to suggest “The Great One”, Mark Levin as well. You can get his podcasts for free. The best part is all the local station breaks are cut out. He will change the way your brain processes information and how you see the world.

  4. I drive a lot with my job.
    Monday I spent 8 hours behind the wheel, yesterday it was 7.
    I have the I Heart Radio app on my phone, I tune it to a local AM station for my house… and not only hear my AM talk radio, but traffic, weather, and local news for my area.
    The line up on the station is a local guy from 5-9… good show, nice and in depth on local issues.
    Beck from 9-12, I listen to beck because he makes me chuckle.
    Rush is on from 12-3, Rush is an arrogant blow hard. Not a bad thing, you just know what you are getting.
    Hannity is on from 3-6, I like Hannity.
    Mark Levin from 6-9, Caryn loves it when he has a spaz attack online… and he is proadcasting not too far from where we used to live in Va.
    Michael Savage is on from 9-midnight.
    George Noory’s Coast to Coast from midnight to 5AM. Yea… you can hear ALL kinds of topics on this show. Anything from Gulf war vets medical issues… to “I was probed by an alien”.

    Thruout the day I am entertained.
    Every now and then I hear something I want to research myself online when I get home.
    I never take what any of the host or guests say as 100% truth, but it gives me things to look into and study up on.
    Yes, talk radio is MY favorite radio.


  5. I try to catch as much as possible of Prager and Medved. Smart, down to earth, and well mannered gentlemen the are. Nothing against the Levins of the world, but I can only bear the yelling for so long. Sure I feel like yelling too at times, but Dennis and Michael make me think just as much without getting my blood pressure up.

  6. I’ve found that podcasts have made talk radio almost irrelevant to me. There is some crossover with stuff like AAR or Tom Greshams Gun Talk, but for the most part I have completely abandoned the radio.

  7. Gotta throw Dennis Miller in there.Smart, funny, not quite as politically astute as some of the others but IMHO his sense of humor offsets that.

  8. Every once in a while Jerry Doyle can be a hoot.
    His show business stories. The discussion he had with another guy who also suffered from obsessive compulsive order. “It the blinds man, if they aren’t all at the same angle I can’t get to sleep!”

  9. Gadzooks!

    The only one I can add to that list is Jason Lewis.

    I only get to hear Prager and Hewitt when they are filling in for someone, like Hannity…which is the only time I listen to Hannity, when somebody is filling in for him.

    Can’t stand him, but I suppose he has his place for some people. If he is on, I just go to KQRS and listen to Classic Rock.

    Art was fun for the same reason I read sci-fi.

    Rush’s Birthday today. Same day as me.

    Happy B-Day El Rushbo!

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