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My disagreement with Grant Cunningham...

My disagreement with Grant Cunningham and Rob Pincus…

My disagreement with Grant Cunningham and Rob Pincus regarding the Beretta 92FS. I checked out a podcast that Rob Pincus was guesting on not too long ago.  The question was asked “What gun do you hate when they show up at your courses” or something along those lines… I forget, it’s been awhile since I […]

A Brief Over-View of Beretta’s 90 Ser...

A Brief Over-View of Beretta’s 90 Series pistols.

92FS & 96FS.   Standard Beretta 92/96 series. 3 dot sights.  This is the classic.  Used in every movie ever made through the 80’s.  Used by Law Enforcement around the world during that time.  It’s a great looking handgun.  Solid.  Accurate.  Reliable.  Shooting it is like driving a Cadillac.  Much like the Cadillac’s of the 80’s, […]

Packing the M9

Packing the M9

Last weekend I ended up with my friend Mike Kupari’s old Beretta 92FS.  This is the same gun that the US Army just bought another 100,000 of.  I’ve been packing it since I got it, which is about the same time Beretta made the announcement. The Beretta is a huge pistol for 9mm.  The grip frame […]

100,000 More Beretta M9’s for t...

100,000 More Beretta M9’s for the Army

Beretta has announced that the US Army is set for the M9 for another 5 years and has ordered another hundred thousand M9 handguns. So there you go… No new Army handgun for some time to come.  Sorry guys. Of course, the M9 isn’t all that bad, when running off of good Beretta made magazines. […]

I can’t understand this.

I can’t understand this.

Last week I did something I probably shouldn’t have… Okay, I know that’s a list that goes all the way to the floor, but I’m talking about one particular thing. I pulled a Beretta M9 out of the case and really looked at it again.  I felt it.  Cycled it.  Stripped it down and examined […]