Packing the M9

Last weekend I ended up with my friend Mike Kupari’s old Beretta 92FS.  This is the same gun that the US Army just bought another 100,000 of.  I’ve been packing it since I got it, which is about the same time Beretta made the announcement.

The Beretta is a huge pistol for 9mm.  The grip frame is massive and the magazine capacity is less than it should be for a gun of this size.  Only 15 rounds when other guns with smaller grips are able to pack in 18 or so.  But this isn’t a big deal to me.  The gun has a lot of character.  It’s easy to shoot well with.  And it’s not too heavy.  It carries well enough in the good Pancake style holster I have for it.  But it can print thanks to the Beretta’s slide mounted safety.

Overall, I really like it.  I do prefer packing a full sized handgun, or a Mid Size, compared to the popular Sub-Compact options.

12 thoughts on “Packing the M9”

      1. So you just mean the ergonomics and overall mechanical action of the gun then?

        Some of the guys I’ve shot with pretty much humanize their weapons (if they are shooting good with it, then it’s happy, etc) and I was just wondering if it was the workings of the gun or some nebulous thing you were referring to.

    1. Yup, 17 round mags which are totally flush fit and 18 round mags with a slightly thicker base plate can be had via Mec Gar. Which pretty much makes some of the best pistol mags on the planet.

  1. I like the M9, I trust the M9, I can hit with the M9. The gun stays steady during rapid fire. And people like a larger ejection port? The M9 has an ejection canyon. I even like how it’s put together. Everything about it tells me it’s a well-engineered machine assembled with excellent quality control. Additionally it takes to slipstream like the two were made for each other.

  2. Admittedly, i have to dress around my SIG Nighmare. Still carry it every day though. Love my flush fitting *coughgrumble* round mags too!

  3. When my youngest turned 21 he got to go through the vault and chose anything he wanted…he chose the M9 which came with an .40 converstion kit. I carried the M9 on duty and never liked it much but he is 6″ taller and has large hands and “It just looks cool!”.

  4. I love my 92FS Centurion…glass-smooth slide action, accurate, and zero feed issues thanks to its open top. Highly underrated pistol in the age of polymer…

  5. When it was adopted 15 rounds was a HUGE amount of ammo in a pistol…especially when the set standard up to then was 7 rounds in a single stack.

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