A Brief Over-View of Beretta’s 90 Series pistols.


92FS & 96FS.   Standard Beretta 92/96 series. 3 dot sights.  This is the classic.  Used in every movie ever made through the 80’s.  Used by Law Enforcement around the world during that time.  It’s a great looking handgun.  Solid.  Accurate.  Reliable.  Shooting it is like driving a Cadillac.  Much like the Cadillac’s of the 80’s, which were overly large, heavy, and under-powered.  Yes, we make holsters for this.


M9 Commercial.  Same as Military issue.  Uses dot-bar sights, but otherwise identical to the 92FS.  Used by just about everyone in the US Military who has no choice of what pistols they are issued.  Those who have the option tend to roll with the SIG P226 or a 1911 (Looking at you, MARSOC) or really whatever they feel like at the time as long as it’s not the M9.  Still, the M9 is a great pistol and will always be a great pistol.  Yes, we have holsters for this.


M9A1.  railed version of the M9 with checkering.  Notice the straight and flat forward edge of the Trigger guard.  You can see this was built to not just have the option of a light mount, but to actually run with a light mounted to it.  I think they had the X300 specifically in mind when they designed this gun.  Yes, we have holsters for this.


92A1/96A1.  Railed version of the 92, but with a dovetailed front sight post, internal recoil buffers in the 96 version, no checkering like the M9A1, and note the rounded trigger guard.  The rail is Picatinny and not the normal universal rail.  This rail is bigger than the normal rail, which requires a completely different mold which we’ve not made yet.  Beretta made this gun different from everything else, not because these changes made for a better pistol, but because Beretta doesn’t like you, or concepts like “compatibility”.  NO, we do not have holsters for this at this time.


90-Two.  Rounded trigger guard, new grips, and note the new slide profile.  Sights are dovetailed, there is an internal recoil buffer, and note that the rails come with a removable Rail Cover over them.    No, we do not have anything for this one, and we don’t need to as Beretta has killed off this gun.  Probably the best of the 90 Series guns Beretta has made.  And it’s a great looking and feeling gun too.  But it didn’t sell very well, because Beretta doesn’t know how to market their tactical guns.  That, and they gave it the worst name they could have possibly given it.  How do you say that?  “Ninety Two”.  Just like their other gun, the “Ninety Two”.  Brilliant.


8 thoughts on “A Brief Over-View of Beretta’s 90 Series pistols.”

  1. I love the Beretta series. The 90 isn’t the most concealable gun, but its accurate, reliable and has low recoil. A great learner gun. I went with the Px4 9mm for my carry piece. I’ve never fired a gun that fits my hand so well. (Everyone’s going to be different.)

  2. “because Beretta doesn’t like you, or concepts like “compatibility”.”


    After working for a couple of big companies I can see how decisions like this are made: office politics combined with middle managers that are too dumb to find their own ass with a map, GPS, mirror and both hands.

  3. Large and difficult to handle for people with hands tending to small or small normal sized hands. Large, heavy unwieldy platform for a 9mm which does allow large number of rounds…. Open frame alloys dust and dirt to enter gun and (we hope) fall out again before you need it. Real problems with reliability in the sand box, we think traced mostly to low bidder contracts for the magazines. Carried one for several years on duty and it was “doable” in open belt holster.
    Not my first or even second choice for civilian retired carry. No thanks.

  4. Carried one now for 20+ years in all sorts of weather. Retired 1st 92FS after 30.000+ rounds Number 2 FS pushing 10,000. Have observer more firing line issues with Sigs Glocks M@Ps than any 92FS over 30 +years( Yes I know some have not been in production that whole time.) Have had ZERO stoppages or stovepipes in that time period. Agree it is the Cadillac of semi auto pistols , smooth controllable and with a long sight radius which is great help when having to draw down in low light at longer ranges. Compared to the older S@W bobbed hammer doulble stack 69 group that I previously carried a much better option while still retaining a second strike capability that moderen striker fired pistols lack

  5. I’ve either been issued or personally owned a 92 series pistol now for nearly 30 yrs. I trust it absolutely. It ranks right up there with the CZ75 series, the BHP and the SIG P220 series. World class service pistol, without a doubt!

  6. “You don’t like sexy curvy Italians?”

    Felt a little old for me LOL, like a lady of the evening getting a little long in the tooth.

    But my youngest son loves it, stole mine along with a .40 S+W conversion slide and barrel out of my safe when he turned 21, (B.D. present really). No signs of giving it back….sigh. No accounting for taste. Must get it from his mother’s side, but then he is 6’3″ with hands to match.

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