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Why you need to buy a Ruger LC9S Pro

We’ve seen some interesting developments in defensive pistols this year.  And by Development, I mean product enhancements, changes, tweaks… that may or may not be Earth Shaking, but are nice none the less.    Here’s my favorite one for 2015.  The Ruger’s LC9S Pro.
Ruger finally made the LC9 right.  This is finally what the gun should have been right out of the gate.  In fact, it’s so good, that not only does it top this list… but it’s so good that if you already have an other version of the LC9 – just sell it and go buy this one.

It’s not what Ruger put into it, it’s what they deleted.  Ruger deleted the manual safety.   Thank You.  The unnecessary and redundant safety on this gun is like a pretty girl with a festering boil between her eyes.   The poor dear… It’ll be alright…

The other thing Ruger deleted was the magazine disconnect safety.   A Magazine Disconnect Safety is to guns what Double Clutching is to Cars.   It’s outdated and unnecessary, and pisses you off when you come across it.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to put that in there in the first place, needs to explain that to Jerry Miculek.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.17.04 PM

Here’s the great things about the LC9S Pro:

1.  It’s affordable.  MSRP is 450 with Retail around about 400 bucks.  One place I know had them for 389.  That’s crazy.
2.  It’s light.  The thing weighs nothing.
3.  It has a good trigger pull.  Some have said it’s a bit long, but come on.  This is an EDC CCW pistol, not a Match Blaster.  The trigger is excellent for the purpose of this pistol – and I’m a Trigger Snob and I’m saying this.
4. It has good sights.  And by good I mean they are usable and you have a bunch of Aftermarket options that you can swap them out for.
5. It’s skinny.  Going hand in hand with the light weight, this gun being so skinny means it can disappear on you when packing… it just evaporates.  Gone.  Stealthed Out.   And since Concealed means Concealed, this is a good thing.
6.  Ruger has a 9 round magazine for it.  So if you have to go Fangs Out and Loud you can reload with a higher capacity magazine. I’d suggest buying 3 of those and one extra spare at the normal flush fit size.  So you can rotate your magazines to keep the springs in order.  I do that with all my guns, and I’d do that with these too.  Carry with the short mag in for EDC Concealment… and my Reloads will be with the Niners.  Done.

I’m going to say this now – and it’s going to be shocking.  I like the Ruger LC9S Pro better than the S&W Shield.  There.  I said it.  It’s out there.  I like it better than the Glock 43 as well.  That grip is too small for me to hold onto well, the LC9’s grip fits much better.  And its much easier to conceal than the Shield’s grip.

Here’s my top 3 compact single stack 9mm’s:
1. Ruger LC9S Pro
2.  Springer XDS 4.0
3.  Walther PPS

A couple Pistol Observations.

The Ruger LC9S:  I’ve mentioned this pistol before. Said I’d like to take a look at one.  Well, i’ve done that now. I’ve looked. Held. Fired. And my opinion on it is now complete.

I like it.

The trigger is not a great trigger as far as the world of triggers go… But compared to other guns in the LC9’s class, it’s a fantastic trigger.  Compared to the old regular LC9’s trigger, this is a godsend.  This new trigger changes the gun dramatically.   All the sudden this gun is now a very serious weapon.  You can hit with it.  You can actually aim at your target and have a reasonable expectation of connecting bullet to bullseye.  That was not something you could really expect with the old LC9.  This new LC9S is what the Glock 42 should have been.  This gun is now on THE LIST.  I could by this one.  And I just might.

The DB FS Nine:  I’m not going to say that I don’t like it because it’s terribly ugly.  I think it’s disgusting looking… But so is an XDM, but I can live with an XDM.  It looks like a kid drew a pistol and Diamondback milled it out of plastic and regret.  But I know some of you guys out there are thinking “I like the looks”.   That’s good.  Good for you.  Honey Boo Boo’s Mom has a Boyfriend because of guys like you… Where was I?  No… The reason I don’t like DBFSNINE(!&@$T!(@$Y   Okay, I hate the name too.  For the LOVE of all that is holy – can people please use a shred of creativity when it comes to naming a main product line?  You forgot that it’s not just Full Sized – as compared to the DB9, but also Double Stacked… So according to your naming ritual, you should have called it the DB FSDS NINE 9mm… Or add a threaded barrel and it would be the DBFSDSTBNINEOMGIHATEYOUPEOPLE.   Come on.  It’s like DB went out of their way to make me not like this gun.  Okay… The top reason I hate the gun is the trigger pull.  And that it makes me go all Louis Black over here. You have a pistol that looks like it could be a good shooter here.  Six and a Quarter inches of Sight Radius here.  Four and three quarters worth of barrel.   And then you give it a trigger like CZ 100 with a sneezing fit.  Come on!
Diamondback, clean the gun up, give it a good trigger, and give it better name.  Like “F9”.  The DB F9.  Done.  Simple.  Clean.  I’ll give you credit… At least you didn’t do what FN did with the “Five-seveN”.  Gah!  That still makes my left eyelid twitch.  And don’t even get me started on Beretta’s 90-TWO!   I actually had words with the guys at the Beretta booth at SHOT over that wretched mistake.  This gun has POTENTIAL…. I’d love to see that potential realized.

Four interesting guns, as discussed on AAR.

Fast gun segment on Armed American Radio.   I picked 4 of the more interesting Concealed Carry Gun Options.
Ruger LC9S, a Striker fired version of the LC9 we are all familiar with.  Much better trigger pull – to the point it means this slim ccw gun becomes a very serious option.   Even for me.
Ruger has another really good CCW option, the LCRx.  This is like the now familiar LCR revolver, but this one has a standard style exposed hammer, which means you can thumb-cock the action for a more accurate shot. I like that.  At only 13.5 ounces, you might think they are snappy – but with that nice rubber grip, it’s a pussycat to shoot.
Springfield XDS 4.0   This is the same gun as the XDS we all know and love, but with a longer 4 inch barrel.  A little better velocity because of that longer barrel, but the big advantage is the longer sight radius which makes it easier to shoot more accurately with.
Browning 1911 .380.  This gun was just recently announced.  It’s the 1911 .22 that’s been out for awhile, but rechambered for .380 auto.  What they did was they took a 1911 and scaled it down to only 85% size.  So it looks and functions just like the classic JMB design, but small.  Taking a gun that’s just too cool, and making it a viable defensive options.  Especially if you have tiny hands. Or you just want something different.  Probably wont be available until March of 2015, but that’s just a guess.  I’ll be looking for this at SHOT SHOW right off the bat.

Ruger’s new LC9s.

Ruger is rolling out a new version of the LC9, the “LC9s”.


The “S” of course, means “Striker”.  It is said that this has a very good trigger pull.   If that’s the case, and it really does have a good trigger pull… well then.  That changes things in regards to my opinion of the LC9.  The S model would then be a pistol well worth considering.    Let me tell you why.

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