Four interesting guns, as discussed on AAR.

Fast gun segment on Armed American Radio.   I picked 4 of the more interesting Concealed Carry Gun Options.
Ruger LC9S, a Striker fired version of the LC9 we are all familiar with.  Much better trigger pull – to the point it means this slim ccw gun becomes a very serious option.   Even for me.
Ruger has another really good CCW option, the LCRx.  This is like the now familiar LCR revolver, but this one has a standard style exposed hammer, which means you can thumb-cock the action for a more accurate shot. I like that.  At only 13.5 ounces, you might think they are snappy – but with that nice rubber grip, it’s a pussycat to shoot.
Springfield XDS 4.0   This is the same gun as the XDS we all know and love, but with a longer 4 inch barrel.  A little better velocity because of that longer barrel, but the big advantage is the longer sight radius which makes it easier to shoot more accurately with.
Browning 1911 .380.  This gun was just recently announced.  It’s the 1911 .22 that’s been out for awhile, but rechambered for .380 auto.  What they did was they took a 1911 and scaled it down to only 85% size.  So it looks and functions just like the classic JMB design, but small.  Taking a gun that’s just too cool, and making it a viable defensive options.  Especially if you have tiny hands. Or you just want something different.  Probably wont be available until March of 2015, but that’s just a guess.  I’ll be looking for this at SHOT SHOW right off the bat.

5 thoughts on “Four interesting guns, as discussed on AAR.”

  1. The LC9s has a fantastic trigger (As far as triggers on striker fired guns, it’s easily in the top 5. Maybe top 3) and makes the original LC9 obsolete. If they had a model that came without the crappy thumb safety and mag disconnect I’d buy one.

  2. Is the action long enough for the Browning to feed 9×19?
    Who might be tempted.

    1. You are talking about the Browning, I assume. No, it’s too short. From a .22LR action, it would have made sense to go to a .25 auto or even a .32 – but Browning made it all the way up to a .380 auto. That’s impressive. I can’t wait to try one out.

  3. Perhaps, this’ll incentivize the My Li’l Pony crowd in Hartford to get off their 4th point of contact and reintroduce the Gov’t Model .380. I’m curious to see how the Browning compares.

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