A day I’ll never forget.

Our friend and brother ogre came out to visit. We did some shooting and we ate some Pelican Burger… had a fantastic time!

Jim, Caryn, thank you for coming all the way out here. It meant more to me than you can know.

4 thoughts on “A day I’ll never forget.”

  1. George, we were glad you had us out.
    It was like old friends meeting again after some time apart.
    The range was a treat, the food was great, the company was beyond compare.
    A huge thanks to Zack and yourself for taking time from your schedules to hang out and show us around.
    Caryn is in love with the scenery and wildlife of the area, I was pleased to get reacquainted with it.
    She is already working on the next trip out, and starting a savings account for Elk Fund.
    The next time will be for more than a few hours.
    I will have to take a few days and run her around the state.
    Know anyone who will be able to give a few elk hunting tips on the area? 😉
    The drive out and back to Denver was beautiful and without unfortunate occurrences.
    Lots of muleys, the elk herd, and some of the nicest scenery mother nature has to offer.
    We have to do this again.
    Thanks again, and thanks to the Ogre Clan for letting you go for a few hours.

    Jim & Caryn

  2. Jim, I noticed you holding Zach’s PSL….what did you think? Did you get to shoot it?

  3. I put a magazine thru it.
    After I figured out the scope, yea, it took me a few rounds… I was hitting OK with it.
    It isnt a grab it and you are an instant pro kind of rifle.
    It was unique to fire, It felt almost like it had a delayed extraction.
    Pull the trigger, round fires… then you feel and hear the action working.
    I WILL say that it tames the hell out of the 54R cartridge.
    You can shoot it ALL day long with no discomfort.
    It was my first time shooting one, I expected it to be like a bigger and heavier AK.
    “To Me” that was totally not the case.
    I would love more trigger time on one. I have always thought they were cool as hell and pondered getting one, shooting Zach’s didnt change that one bit.


  4. Watching the Delta video again, at the end of it… the distances look long, as they are.
    But man at how deceptive the distances are in person.
    This was really the coolest range I have shot at, the lifesize metal dingers out there are a SWEET touch.
    I do believe that next time, I will bring something to reach out there with.


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