It’s going to hurt?

It’s going to hurt he says.  What is going to really smart is the thrashing the Democrats are going to get come the 2012 elections.

The American Economy is a huge engine.  Extremely powerful.  Powerful enough to spin us, and to spin the economy of many other countries.  But ever since the Democrats took over Congress, it all started going downhill.  Then the Democrats took the White House as well and everything has gone to hell in a handbasket.  We hear the Whitehouse talk about all the jobs they have created… Horseshiat.   They don’t create jobs.  All the Government can do is to choke jobs.  Strangle growth.  I believe in this Nation… and I believe that it can be healed and can regain its momentum.   And a lot faster than the Democrats think.  The Administration needs to take the weight off this great engine.  But they are not going to do it.  What is going to have to happen is to get a regime change.  When that happens, we’ll get some momentum back.


9 thoughts on “It’s going to hurt?”

  1. You are full of it Ogre! The .gov sure can create jobs. It is called taking our tax money and spending it on reaserch for turtles crossing the roads, counting cacti, observing the vapor comming out of stacks and creating LARGE government anacronyms such as EPA, DEA, BATF&E, ICE, NSA, FBI, CIA and the like. We ALREADY have law enforcement, do we really need specialized areas such as DEA and BATF&E? the BATF sends there crap to the FBI Lab more than likely anyway. Just have the FBI take care of it! CIA, NSA and most of the alphabets should be consolidated or dismembered! Seriously ICE, Border Patrol, Coast Guard AND Customs?????? Four agencies to take care of things or people crossing the borders!!!!

      1. If the government would downsize immediately the unemployment rate would skyrocket for a while. Perhaps a year or two. Then personal and corperate income tax could be dramaticly cut. Housholds and corperations would have more money to spend and the economy would be effectively jump started. The unemployment rate would drop to normal levels. Just think if the average American houshold had an extra five or seven thousand dollars to spend. Corperations would have five or so thousand to spend on growth PER EMPLOYEE. Now raise tarrifs for imported goods so that the AMERICAN MADE products could compete better with our higher wages. Life would be better in my little mind anyway. So therefore, I too am talking about private sector jobs!

  2. Pretty much, if the republicans manage to not screw it up. Which is a pretty big IF. The thing those morons on the other side can’t seem to comprehend, is that the government cannot give something without first taking it from somebody else. Whether directly through taxes, or indirectly by printing money and inflating the currency, which harms all of us. And due to that legendary government efficiency, it’s far from a lossless transfer, so the more they try to do, and the more they take out of the economy in the name of stimulating it, the worse things actually get.

  3. The Republicans have a fairly decent chance to recapture Congress and White House, but, as you know, they have excelled at losing when they should have succeeded. Additionally Ogre, I believe Dems have massive vote fraud planned, from BO continuing to illegally fund ACORN (whatever it name is now) and Soros trying to jam in as many Dem AGs into state government as he can. The MSM and activist judges will be weighing in on the Dem side on close elections and will manipulate until Dem wins, as has happened many times in recent past (Minnesota, Wash State, etc). MSM will ignore Dem general wrongdoing and BO illegal activity,(for example he is grossly misusing taxpayer funds) while focusing on GOP with a microscope. This great country cannot take four more years of this socialist takeover. GOP has to get their ducks lined up and get tough — and refrain from attacking one another as Pawlenty is now doing to Bachman.

    Gerald from SC, home of Jim Demint and unfortunately Lindsey Graham.

    Thanks Ogre

  4. I can’t believe that he is STILL taking jabs at JWB for screwing up the economy and that’s a big reason why he is having a hard time with recovery. Let it go…geez,who’s believing that crap anyway.

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