4 thoughts on “A good discussion on Armed American Radio”

  1. Raising prices to compensate for high demand and low supply is basic economics and necessary to maintain inventory. Just because a shop isn’t selling 10 dollar PMAGs anymore doesn’t mean they’re gouging prices, it means they aren’t stupid. That said, charging 100 dollars for a PMAG is asinine but you can still buy elsewhere so it doesn’t really matter.

      1. If nobody is willing to pay the higher price, the price will soon go down, but if somebody is willing to pay the higher price, that’s the market price. In anything like a free market with large numbers of buyers and sellers, there’s no such thing as “price gouging”. The alternatives are rationing and empty shelves. This seems like an issue for Democrats and big-government Republican demagogues, not Libertarians or Conservatives (who are supposed to be capitalists).

  2. It’s funny how the same people who will gripe about price gouging by retailers, will happily sell you their house for many tens of thousands more than they paid for it, when it is time to move. If the market will bear the price, of course. And nobody ever calls them house gougers. My main complaint about the current upgefukt weapons market is that since I have been remiss in contributing to my four oh gun K, I don’t really have much that I am willing to part with.

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