ATI Commander Update

The nice wood double diamond grips were just too nice for the ATI.  They didn’t go well with the matte black finish.  After awhile it got to the point that I found them just irritating.    So I got some nice plain old Hogue grip panels in OD green.  The matte finish on the Hogue work very well, keeping the ATI in a nice subdued scheme.

Makes me want to Duracoat the Slide OD.G as well.

The gun is north of 600 rounds now, with only one fail to feed.  Again, that failure to feed was in the first few rounds right after I got the gun, and it has never happened since.  I did replace the recoil spring after those first few rounds, because the gun did feel under-sprung.  The gun has been perfectly reliable since.  The gun shoots point of aim/point of impact at 30 feet or so… I’ve had no complaints about accuracy, only compliments from everyone that has shot it.  I’ve let a few people shoot it and no one has had a negative bit of feedback, and no one has reported any malfs.

The biggest question about the ATI is the quality of the steel.  So far, there has been no unusual wear on any of the internals.  So I am thinking, so far, that the steel is up to snuff.  I have no reason to suspect that its a lesser quality steel alloy.  I don’t think it’s anything great or special… but it doesn’t look bad at all.  The only real wear the gun is showing is on the finish, which looked suspect right from the beginning.  If you look at that photo closely, look at the muzzle end, you can see the wear.   I’ll have Joe at Crusader Weaponry give this thing a Duracoat treatment, and that will take care of the finish – no problem.   It’s a 450 dollar 1911, so you do have to cut it some slack.    And finish that shows holster wear only makes it looks like you actually use the thing… I think a gun with some holster wear looks better than a gun that looks like it’s a Safe Queen.  But that’s just me.

10 thoughts on “ATI Commander Update”

  1. I have the same finish wear on my Rock Island.
    When I first bought a “nice” gun or 2… I fretted over nicks and scuffs.
    Then one day I had an Epiphany.
    Every scuff and scratch was a day in its life with me.
    It showed that I trusted my life to it.
    My new 1987 Delta Elite got its first scuff the other week.
    Gut response was ARGGGGGGGGG.
    Then I looked at it and smiled.
    It will get more over its long life with me.
    Im not the prettiest thing walking, but I am dependable.
    My guns are generally better looking than me, I can cut them some slack for honest usage wear.

    I am REALLY liking the ATI, I dont have a commander sized 1911… and have always wanted one.
    Looks like the ATI may be on the list now for me.


  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of OD on a gun, but man those grips just work with the ATI. Very nice.

  3. I have several 1911’s but I have to confess that my new duty carry gun is the Glock 35. Feels like a 1911 in the hand, no safeties to handle under stress, 15 + 1 rounds of Federal .40 S&W and recoils like a 9mm! The 1911 is a grand old design but at Odark thirty in that back alley I will take the Glock…at least for now pre retirement.

    Ogre considering the cost of the Acog sights have you looked at any of the newer copies out there, any you would consider good enough for us mear mortals?

    1. When it comes to optics – there are a lot of variables… are you looking for 3x or 4x magnification, or are you looking to go battery free? If just battery free, the Leupold Prismatic is awesome. Magnification, the new Leupold Hammer optic is going to rock for less money than an ACOG.

  4. Was looking at the Browning heads up red dot….for my M4 but it does not seem hardy enough. Had a Trig Acog several years ago I got new for 350 but the new ones are 12-1400! Maybe they will come down sometine later but for now the cost is way outside my range when I only paid 900 for the rifle… Anyway looking for something on an AR15 or AK platform, fast field of view and point on target at short engagement ranges generaly, long term storeage and SHTF use. Think zombie busting or TEOTWAWKI type rifle…

  5. I have this same 45 & am happy I didn’t spend $800+ on the other 1911’s I was looking at. I know the finish on the ATI isn’t the best, but it’s a good shooter. The mag that comes with it aren’t the best. With most 1911’s you all ready know you know your going to want an aftermarket mag any ways. My first day out shooting the ATI commander I got to shoot my buddy’s Colt commander & Springfield GI to compare it with. It’s been a while since I have been able to shoot 1911’s. I know the Colt has a nicer finish, but other than a little lighter tiger it felt the same. & the Springfield GI (& it has had a trigger job & Wilson bushings put in it) my buddy told me that the ATI was tighter out of the box & to be honest I can’t tell a lot of deference other then it raddled less. I have a Wilson & Ed Brown 8 round mag for it & other than that I put Pachmayr grips on it. I still love looking at the high end 1911’s with all the bells & whistles & still want one, but it’s hard to beat the ATI for the price. I have 550 rounds thru it so far. I may make a comment after 1000 rounds.

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