Two Shows…

There are two TV shows that I want on DVD, the full series collections…

1.   The Shield.  I’ve not seen a single episode, because I want to watch it all from the very start.   Reason that I want to see it, because I’ve heard only universal praise of the show.  I’m not into Cop Dramas… But I think I can groove on The Shield.  The show has been praised by my most trusted advisors.  This is all I need to know.

2.  Sons of Anarchy.  I started watching in season 3 on Hulu.  I need to catch this from the start too.  Season 3 rocks to a shockingly high degree… If you guys have missed SOA – you missed some tight story telling and compelling characters and a kick butt cast.

20 thoughts on “Two Shows…”

  1. SOA was alright, 1st season took almost the whole thing to get going. Justified is the show I have been hooked on now.

  2. I liked The Shield quite a bit. I watched it after it had aired, so I watched it straight through on DVD. At the time, the last two seasons were on Netflix Instant Play. Anyway, yeah it was a pretty good show and Vic Mackey was a great character. But the last season, wow. You know how the Sopranos last season just kind of meandered around and nothing ever really happened? The Shield was the opposite of that.


  3. I LOVED the Shield and SOA. Good choices George. And I will agree, if you haven’t seen Justified, get that too. Another good one is Dexter. Netflix has the first 4 seasons of that one.

  4. SOA and the Shield are great shows. If you like these shows then you will also like Justified. It is definitely one of the best shows on television.

    1. Justified is my favorite show on TV right now. I love the way it’s written.

      That and Archer. I swear, FX is practically the only channel worth watching anymore.

      1. I’ve just watched 3 episodes of Archer. I’m hooked. Hilarious.

        A lot of guys are talking about Justifed. I don’t have TV, so I’ll have to wait for DVD.

    1. There are soooo many quality episodes that make this show a winner. The last five minutes of Episode 7, Season 3 (One Minute) are some of the most intense moments I’ve seen on the small screen. A winner.

      Mad Ogre, I think this series would meet with your approval. Not family friendly though… should go without saying.

  5. Check out “A game of thrones” on HBO great first episode, and great books. looking forward to more of this. SOA also very good.


  6. I watched the Shield from begining to end on DVD…amazing and gritty and amazingly gritty. Vic is the ultimate anti-hero. I’m just about to finish the 2nd season of SOA…not as good as the Shield, but still an outstanding show. Excelent choices Ogre.

  7. It’s always been hard for me to take the Shield seriously, because I keep having flashbacks of Michael Chiklis as the nice-guy police chief, Tony Scali in The Commish.

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