.44 Mag Smiths

Nightcrawler is an unrepentant Wheelgunner.  He’s also an advocate of the .44 Magnum.  NC sent one gun off to S&W’s Performance Center for special tuning.  The other one, with the short barrel is a gun that S&W gave him as a replacement for a previous .44 Mag that he sent in for repair… which turned out to be unrepairable.    So they gave him some options and he picked this one.  It’s a great little gun.  Looks sexy.  But is exceptionally unpleasant when firing.  The wood grips are just gorgeous, but do not belong on a .44 Magnum firing full power loads.

Because S&W doesn't make an .88 Magnum.

4 thoughts on “.44 Mag Smiths”

    1. I fired 3 rounds out of it… didn’t want to fire anymore. The longer gun, was very shootable and accurate. I hit the 200 yard coyote target with no problem once I found the hold.

  1. I love NCs 629.
    I carried a 2.5″ 629 for quite a while, wood for carry and some range time.
    Pachs for extended range time.
    I sold it for a profit and now my carry .44 Mag is an Astra Terminator with a 2 5/8″ barrel.
    The grips make ALL the difference.
    I like the Pach compac grips as a compromise of carry and range.


  2. I’m all about the .44 magnum as that’s the caliber that broke me in on big bore handgunning. I still have my SBH (4 5/8″ bbl w/older round trigger guard) and have well over 1000 rounds through her. Some day I will get a Ruger Alaskan in 454 Casull.

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