Breaking in a Broadsword’s Nightcrawler brought out his new rifle.  A Crusader Broadsword, built custom to his specifications.  There is a thread about it on WTA, and I’ll let him tell the story there.

The Crusader Broadsword, at the range, ready to roll.

The rifle feels and handles even better than it looks.  It’s accuracy was impressive even without zeroing the ACOG.
Overall I am extremely pleased with our Broadsword rifle.  It’s not finished, but the potential is there and it’s impressive.

The balance and light weight (for a .308) makes for a fast handling SR-25 Type gun.

Nightcrawler’s configuration is an intermediate carbine build.  This gives you a fast handling weapon for short to medium-long range.  The 16 inch barrel is good.  But I think on my Broadsword, I’ll take an 18 inch barrel.

Topped with an ACOG, this rifle is flat out amazing.
This rifle is lighter than my Rock River AR-15.
Nightcrawler engaging long range targets.

3 thoughts on “Breaking in a Broadsword”

  1. Man, you can feel the awesomeness right through the pictures.
    And is that Leatherman’s new MUT EOD I see in the top photo?
    I am looking to get one and would just like to hear what you think of it.

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