Wheel Guns

I’ve been eyeballing a certain .357 Magnum in the gun case for some time now.  It’s growing on me.  The gun in question is a simple S&W 686SSR.

I think I’m going to put this one on Layaway.  It comes with nice wood grips, and a set of simple rubber grips for when you are going to spend a lot of time actually shooting it.

Now, here is the problem… As much as I have grown fond of this gun.  Nightcrawler from WeTheArmed.com went and showed me his Model 29 that he had customized by S&W’s Performance Center.  More on that gun in another post.  It’s trigger was a Hard Thought in Single Action mode.  In Double Action, it didn’t feel like a DA trigger.  It felt as if it was not mechanically connected to the action… it was smooth on an order I’ve never felt in a Double Action Revolver or any Revolver.  It looked simple, clean lines, almost elegant, if one can say that about a double action revolver.

Now I have the most wicked of desires…

To get the SSR and send it in to the Performance Center.  Oh, if only I had money…

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