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The issue of the BATFE letting guns go into Mexico is a huge problem and is now getting the attention that it deserves.

Sen Grassley is making inquiries.

The BATFE needs to make some amends here.  There is much to be accountable for.  The BATFE has broken the faith and committed a massive violation of trust.  I think the BATFE has outlived their usefulness.  Gun Dealers have been villainized by these guys, and it turns out that they have committed the much greater sin.

Check this out next time that you look at a Form 4473.  The ATF (shortening their bloated name because the agency reflects that bloat) insists that if you are a dealer selling a gun to a person with a valid and validated CCW permit (CFP here in UT) that we fill out that line on the 4473 that says “No Background Check was Required”.  Okay, that’s fine.  CCW Permit number, issue date, expiration date… all that… Then we put in the authorization number given to us by BCI in the normal location where we put the authorization code.  Fine.  But then they tell us that we have to put the same numbers up on the sheet just below the Signature line… where it asks for the form of ID and the Number and the same bloody information we put down below where we certify that no background check was required.
Oh thank hell that we have the ATF to make sure – by threat of Fine or Suspension of Liscense – that some Lawyer somewhere might say that we didn’t record the ID because it was recorded in a different field on the form – ON THE SAME PAGE.   Freaking retarded.  Especially when other ATF Agents in the past has said that it wasn’t needed.

Over all the threats of Fines and Penalties that the BATFE rattles at honest working Gun Dealers – Private Small Businessmen – What Fines and Penalties are THEY facing for Project Gunwalker?

The BATFE needs to be Disbanded.  Gun Dealers should deal with the State BCI, and no more.

Did you know that your local Dealer has to fill out another form that is faxed to the BATFE if you buy more than one handgun within a one week’s period?  Yeah, that has the gun serials and your name and address… This is a Back Door Registration as I guarantee you that they do not discard that data.

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  1. It needs to go away. I oppose any form of registration. When they decide it’s time to go get people’s guns, for whatever reason, the first thing they will do is to print out their list of registered gun owners and start going door to door. It happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.

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