14 thoughts on “Cold Steel, Hot Lead!”

  1. Wow…

    Just Wow…

    Great way to represent your company, especially by acting like an intoxicated teenager who snuck his daddy’s guns out of the house. For his sake, I hope he never actually shoots anyone, because I know this would really hurt his case if they brought this video in for evidence or for a character reference.

  2. I think he just gets a little overly excited.. but who am I to argue though? He’s the “Master at Arms”.. coincidentally awarded to him by his own company.

  3. LAWL.

    Well as long as he emphasizes a lot of the footage is him and his buds having fun and not necessarily sound tactical advice, I’m ok with it. I might even pick up a CS Recon Scout soon.

  4. I’m going out today and buying a Benchmade knife as a palate cleanser. Good lord. He knows a ton about bladework, and I guess this was inevitable due to his personality, but really?


    Luckily I was in between sips of coffee when I clicked on that, or I’d need a new keyboard.
    Watching him bounce around blowing shit up made me think of a meth-head Pooh bear gone psycho.
    I imagine Gecko45 (the Mall Ninja) would get the same reaction from watching this as from a large dose of Viagra.

  6. That is an awesome range with a lot of fun targets. He also has a lot of great toys. With that being said, I would RUN the other way if I ever saw him on the range. Contact shooting with a .470? Really? It looks like he let his inner 12 year old get into his gun safe. It would be one thing if he was just by himself on the range with no one else in the area, but there was obviously several other people present. This looks like an episode of Jackass with firearms.

  7. “The Ronald McDonald of the knife world” as Boston T Party called him. I stopped liking this idiot long ago when there were issues at Usual Suspects forum. He makes cheap copies of good blades, excuse me, his underpaid child-labor in Communist China make cheap copies of good blades and he wonders around beating his ego while he looks for new designs to copy without the bother of worrying about patents and such. I own a couple Cold Steal products, which I got used and will replace with quality products as soon as I have the money. AT lest the Grinder Monkeys at Century Arms have the decency to hide.

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