3 thoughts on “Listen to this.”

  1. Unfortunately I am not surprised to see Lindsey Gram and John McCain on that list. I am glad that my one Republican Senator is not on that list, now I have to go find out how my democrat Senator voted. We need to get rid of the so called republican leadership who supports this kind of bullshit. I wrote each of my congress critters before this came up, did you all?

  2. I wrote mine and was assured that:

    “I’m a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights…I will continue to support legislative efforts to protect the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans, and oppose efforts to overturn the Second Amendment.”

    from Sen. Alexander.

    Sen. Corker’s office replied with his policy points .pdf

    I did not see this coming. Both had good records.

    “Had” being the operative word.

  3. I wrote my reps..including Lindsey Graham. His response was a form letter that stated he was pro 2a and gun rights. As far as I m concerned he is a traitorous liar and should start looking for a new job when it comes time to vote again. Because people here are P*SSED!!

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