Leaving Utah.

I am not saddened about leaving Utah, but about leaving the wonderful people here that have enriched my life.  There are some great people here… good friends.  Friends that have become Family to me.

But Leaving “Utah” it’s self… I can’t want to go.  I have to be honest about that.  The weather.  The cold winters.  The politics.  Utah has it’s own very unique internal politics.  The State fails to Lead in just about everything and doesn’t get anything good done.  It miss manages its resources, demands more from you, and then acts all holier than thou about it.  It’s turned over every square inch of land that wasn’t pinned down by someone over to the FED’s in exchange for PILT Money… Payment in Lew of Taxes… and then it bitches about not having enough money for education.  They gave up dollars to get a few quick pennies.
My frustration with Utah only became unbearable when I became politically active and really looked at what’s going on.  When I tried to do something about it, I received some support, yes, but I also received threats because they didn’t want me to rock the boat.
Utah is satisfied with complacency and mediocrity, and I am not.

I will miss my friends here, a great deal.  I wish I could take them all with me… I really do.

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  1. Sad to see ya go..But your going to a good state.

    I lived near there as a kid…The only thing I didn’t like was the bugs.

    Good luck to you, and stay active.

    Jim Moosmann

  2. Wow, I have lived (about) my whole life in Florida and am planning on heading out that way. The west is calling and Idaho will be my destination. I’m over the northern influx and attitude that turned this once great freedom loving state, into a big purple bucket of chum.

  3. One of the many marvelous things about this country is one’s ability to move about and check the color of the grass. You still will need to trim it though….

    Have fun.

  4. You do realize, of course, that you’ve described almost every state in the Union. The allure of Federal dollars has caused legislatures to preempt the wishes of their constituents. Why do you think we’re all in lockstep over the format of driver’s licenses and blood alcohol levels and voter registrations and political districting and myriad other matters that are contrary to the enumerated powers of the Constitution.

    The Feds whistle and the states come running to recover the dollars torn from their citizens under Federal tax laws.

    Aside from that, though, good luck on your move!


    1. Really? NH hasn’t implemented the national ID nonsense. When the Feds passed that, NH told them to FOAD, and they’ve just taken to repeatedly pushing back the deadline, since they know they can’t force NH to comply. We’ve also refused to accept their bribes to mandate the wearing of seatbelts and motorcycle helmets.

      (the mentioned Articles 1-10 of the NH Constitution are the first ten articles of the 43 in our Bill of Rights, with Article 10 being the “Right of Revolution,” because our State’s government is continually on notice that we, the People, reserve the right to kick them to the curb if they don’t behave)

      RSA243:1 Prohibition Against Participation in National Identification System.

      I. The general court finds that the public policy established by Congress in the Real ID Act of 2005, Public Law 109-13, is contrary and repugnant to Articles 1 through 10 of the New Hampshire constitution as well as Amendments 4 though 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America. Therefore, the state of New Hampshire shall not participate in any driver’s license program pursuant to the Real ID Act of 2005 or in any national identification card system that may follow therefrom.

      II. The department of safety shall not amend procedures for applying for a driver’s license under RSA 263 or an identification card under RSA 260:21 in order to comply with the goals or standards set forth in the Real ID Act of 2005, or in any rules or regulations promulgated thereunder, or in any requirements adopted by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for such purposes.

      III. The department of safety shall not expand the motor vehicle records data it shares with other states, the federal government, or other agencies, or provide motor vehicle records data to any additional states or state or federal agencies unless authorized by statute.

        1. Only Alabama and Vermont don’t require the SSAN for a driver’s license (if you have one, anyway – NH doesn’t require one if you don’t).

          I’m not aware of any state that does not require a SSAN when applying for a marriage license. Of course, if that’s a problem, just don’t get a marriage license. My wife and I never invited bureaucrats into our marriage, and we have not noticed a lack; not like a driver’s license where you get fined and/or arrested for failing to have one.

  5. You should like NC unless you are like me. Born and raised in Kannapolis and suffered from allergies from the day I was born!

    Had to get drafted and be out of State for a year before testing showed I was allergic to Loblolly Pine which is merely the State Tree of NC!

    If it were not for that I would still live there!

  6. I’m sorry, George, you feel the need to move.
    I know I’ve missed it but where are you moving to ?
    I’m currently in Washington state and feel the urge to at least move to Idaho. It is becoming more like Lberalistian here all the time, plus trying to get away from the major west coast targets.
    Best wishes.

  7. Well that’s the freedom we all have. If we don’t like it, try change it and if that doesn’t work – leave. Sounds like you did just that, so I wish you the best and godspeed.

    I certainly hope this wasn’t the primary reason you left, because what you ran into was simple politics and I think you’re being a little naive by thinking NC or any other place on God’s green earth will be any different. New guy not from the system, not well heeled, coming in without backing to change things? Good luck with that… you probably would have been the first. Not even Jesus could do it, think about that for a minute. (Sunday School teachers sit down – I’m talking about politics, not eternal salvation)

    My free and unsolicited advice is to stay out of the kitchen and have a chef do the cooking. That’s what I do and it’s far less aggravating. Plus I hate moving boxes. Again, good luck to you, Sir!

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