The last page in this chapter

When you end one chapter, you turn the page and start the next one.   Today was my last day at Basin Sports.  I worked there for a long time.  My wife snapped this photo as she picked me up:


I’ve learned a great deal during my time here.  Worked with some great people… on both sides of the gun counter.  I’ve sold countless firearms and biblical amounts of ammunition, reloading supplies, and accessories.  I’ve armed thousands of good, patriotic Americans.  I’m proud of my work here.  As I move on, I hope I can do as much and more so in my new position at another company.


14 thoughts on “The last page in this chapter”

  1. Your expression shows relief and elation. This opportunity is the culmination of many years of hard work and a pound of Faith. The after burners are cookin and G-code has your flight plan set. You are going go kill this.

  2. Good luck, and welcome back to the South! It’s still pretty awesome, we still love freedom and sweet tea.

  3. Are you coming to the blade show in Atlanta at the end of may ? Let me know , I plan on being there , I am in S C and would like to welcome you to the east coast. I hope you brought your allergy pills the pollen has been a pain this year . Be sure to check out the outer banks . John Gault

    1. Do a quick search on Blade Show 2013 , 800 tables knives and survival gear , holsters and etc. but not a gun show per say. It is in Atlanta and I am told is the biggest knife show in the country. Your new employer should have a booth there. Sounds like an expense account trip to me . let me know if you can make it , time well spent all the big name companies and knife makers will be there . John Gault PM me.

  4. Good luck and good trip. Must be something in the air now, I am retiring after 35 years with the Sheriff’s Office. Both scary and thrilling at once.

  5. At least you won’t have to sell cheap or underpowered guns to customers anymore, who dismiss your expert knowledge.

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