See that guy with the cowboy hat?  He’s an Immigrant.  Latin American. Latino. Came to the USA and embraced freedom.  When shit happened, he threw himself into the chaos and helped out.
A lot of Liberals like to say that Right Winger’s are against Immigration.  They are wrong.  We support Immigration when it’s done Legally.  This is the kind of guy we want coming into the US.  One that comes into the USA Legally, embraces Freedom, and in his heart becomes American.
This guy needs to become the face of Immigration.


8 thoughts on “Immigration”

  1. Totally agree with you there. Definitely a hero.

    That being said, a quick look at the guy’s Wikipedia page suggests he won’t be the face of GOP immigration policy anytime soon. Anti-war peace activist who became a citizen with the help of Ted Kennedy. Also according to that page he was an illegal alien until Ted lent a hand…

    1. If you wanted to become a US Citizen, would it matter to you who helped?
      Anti-War? So am I. It’s the last resort and I disagree with our being Afghanistan.

      1. With you all the way, George. Afghanistan and Iraq weren’t our fight. That being said, I’m not sure the GOP is ever going to make a figurehead out of someone who was an undocumented alien and lived that way in the US for years until a powerful senator decided to ramrod their citizenship through.

        If they do it’ll be a sign that their policies have changed and become very different from your statement of “One that comes into the USA Legally…”.

  2. The man is Carlos Arredondo, I served with his son LCpl Alexander Arredondo in 1stBn/4th Marines for OIF 1, he was a solid man and a good Marine. LCpl Arredondo was killed on his second tour during the battle for Najaf. Mr. Arredondo saw the Marine Corps CACO arrive at his house, then took a can of flammable liquid and locked himself in the CAO’s van and lit it, and himself, on fire suffering some terrible burns. LCpl Arredondo’s picture, along with several other Marines I personally knew, is now on display in the Pentagon where I now pass it almost every day. Perhaps God does have a plan.

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