West Point Drama

West Point Cadet, only 5 months from Graduation, quits because West Point has too much Religion.
I smell some serious bullshit here.
Let’s read the Article… West Point is a tough school… people wash out all the time. This kid is just pissed he couldn’t hack it and is making a stink. West Point is a fantastic asset to our Nation, and this snot nosed brat wants to take it down? Not going to happen. Ah, there it is… He was denied a Commission. Mental Health issues? Obviously. So, there is no beef here. He’s quitting because there is too much religion, not that he wasn’t going to become an Officer. Yeah. That’s it.
5 Months away from Graduation too. That shows a drastic lacking in strategic thought. All that money for his education – WASTED. He could have graduated, Commission or not, few men get to put GRADUATED WEST POINT on their resume. Going out like he did – I’m very pleased this person did not get a Commission. He’s shown a very large hole in his character where Honor would be. The Religion thing is just an excuse, and not a very valid one at that. Thank GOD he will not be a Leader.


There is a certain outdoors oriented magazine that recently did a test on cheap rifles.  They took the most popular rifles that retail for less than 500 bucks, and did a quick and dirty accuracy test.

Weatherby Vanguard
TC Venture
Marlington X7
Savage Axis
Ruger All American

The results were than the Marlin X7 rifle handed it to all the others.  Drastically.  According to this test, the Marlin was much more accurate than all the others, showing a one hole group compared to the other’s patterns.

Okay.  I’ll buy that.  This Marlin X7 was more accurate with the Test Ammo than the others.  But they didn’t test other loads through the other guns.   Generally what happens is that one gun can favor one particular load more than others.  As is this case.  In spite of what this test shows, I’d much rather have a TC Venture or a Vanguard than the Marlin X7.
The Savage is at a disadvantage here.  At 299, it’s the cheapest.  But for a hundred bucks you could drop in a Timney trigger.  But it up to the 400 dollar range, still well within the test price range, and then you would have a very competitive rifle.

I’d like to see this test conducted again, with the Savage trigger swapped, and with a number of different loads tested for a more “Accurate” test result.  Because I’ve personally seen groups from the Vanguard S2 rifles and the TC Ventures that were just amazing.  I’ve also heard reports from more than a few Marlin X7 owners that these rifles are indeed shooters.  I can’t deny that.  One is from a source that I will not question.  I have nothing against the Marlin rifle here… But fact remains that this test was rather shallow and only skimmed the surface.

What to get him for Christmas?

Everyone that reads MadOgre.com either is or knows someone who is into Firearms one way or another.  Military, Security Contractor, Law Enforcement, Sports Shooter… or just a Collector.   A Gun is a Machine, simple as that.  And like all Machines, need to be cared for.  Part of that is Lubrication.  A really great gift for any Gunslinger is SLIPSTREAM.

Order Slipstream straight from Amazon.com.  Whoever you give it to, will love it.  They will appreciate this more than those Golf Club Cozies you got them last year.

Slipstream also works on other types of Machinery.  It has been used on Robots, Aircraft, Cars, Trucks, Hovercraft, Motorcycles, and Earth Moving Equipment.  NASA has used it on Spaceships.  No, I am not kidding or exaggerating.   Any machine or device that has one part moving against another part – does so better with Slipstream.   But it was developed specifically for guns.  All types of guns.  I’ve tested it in over 400 different firearms and have had great results in all of them, results hands down better than any other gun lubricant tried.

Give the gift of reliability for Christmas.

Bob Costas is an idiot

I wasn’t going to talk about that Sportscaster idiot, Bob Costas.  But he said something else that just about lit me on fire.
Young men can’t own guns without something bad happening.
Bob, you are a dunderhead and you can shut your manpleaser now.  Around here, all the young men own guns.  No, I don’t mean some… I mean damn near all the young men around here own guns.  Plural… more than one gun.  Lots of guns.  They buy guns all the time.  I live in an area with what is probably the highest concentration of privately owned guns in the entire world.  There is little else to do out here in Vernalstan.  Your options are Shooting, Off Roading, Drinking, and Fooling around with girls.  Or there is usually a combination of those options to some extent, but being a good community with good kids out here, the drinking is very much minimized compared to other places. So that leaves a lot of Guns, Trucks, and Girls.   Not a bad mix, in my opinion.
The kids around here are smart, they do things, they make things happen.  They work.  And they play.  I like that a 17 year old kid can come in and talk about Exterior and Terminal Ballistics of a .270 WSM and compare it to a 7mm Remington Magnum and pontificated which is more ideal on Elk verses Mule Deer.  And he will have the photos to prove he knows what he’s talking about here.  This is their culture.  This is our culture.  This is who we are here.  We have offroad capable vehicles and we have guns.  Some are more city oriented with their flat brimmed caps that I don’t understand, but they grew up hunting.  Others are cowboys right off the ranch.  Even the Video Game Playing Nerds around here have a nice AR-15 and a 9mm Semi Automatic of some sort and love to pop Tannerite when their new game mod is downloading.

Bad things, according to that slackbrained Sportscaster, should be happening all the time.  But they don’t.  Not around here.  The big difference here verses, oh, say, any city with a Democratic Governance, is EDUCATION.  Our kids around here know guns.  So they are not dangerous with guns.  In other places, guns remain a fascination and mystery because they are not taught.  Rifle Marksmanship used to be taught in Schools.  This is no longer the case.  Since Firearms are no longer taught in schools, bad things have happened.  The solution is more education, more access to firearms, more training, and more range time for all the kids.

Bob… Go back to talking about guys playing with their balls.  Leave our Guns and our Freedom alone.