West Point Drama

West Point Cadet, only 5 months from Graduation, quits because West Point has too much Religion.
I smell some serious bullshit here.
Let’s read the Article… West Point is a tough school… people wash out all the time. This kid is just pissed he couldn’t hack it and is making a stink. West Point is a fantastic asset to our Nation, and this snot nosed brat wants to take it down? Not going to happen. Ah, there it is… He was denied a Commission. Mental Health issues? Obviously. So, there is no beef here. He’s quitting because there is too much religion, not that he wasn’t going to become an Officer. Yeah. That’s it.
5 Months away from Graduation too. That shows a drastic lacking in strategic thought. All that money for his education – WASTED. He could have graduated, Commission or not, few men get to put GRADUATED WEST POINT on their resume. Going out like he did – I’m very pleased this person did not get a Commission. He’s shown a very large hole in his character where Honor would be. The Religion thing is just an excuse, and not a very valid one at that. Thank GOD he will not be a Leader.

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  1. Unless rules have changed under oblamebush,that sorry excuse will have a manditory service requirement of 5 years active duty as enlisted. Any cadet may leave the Accademy with no obligation up to day 1 of 3rd academic year (junior/cow). If they have not withdrawn at the start of the first day of class but quit or are thrown out , flunk out after that time,they have a 5year service obligation. Lets hope that bag of vineger and water gets 5 years KP as close to Adak Alaska as possible. There is a bench on the East side of Washington Hall inscribed with the Cadet motto: “A Cadet will not lie cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do” I would bet that person was in academic trouble or honor board issues prior to this.GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!!!!!

  2. With all apologies to the Ogre, Not related, off track etc…but I sure your new tag line at the top left of your homepage…Home of Torque and Recoil…Splendid

  3. Your suspicion of male bovine fecal matter is correct. The Blaze reports that lowlife was given a discharge without obligation for service or repayment of the 200000 to 300000 his time at West Point cost the taxpayers

  4. He might be too mental to be safe as an enlisted man. Lord knows we don’t need another Bradley Manning getting into the gears. It may turn out cheaper in the long run to punt him.

  5. Fuck him! Other than honorable discharge and immediate repayment of college expenses or 5 years mandatory enlistment. I’m sure there are openings for cleaning pit toilets or personal I.e.d. inspector in some remote out post.

    1. That’s a very good point. Honor aside, if he was willing to do anything to get out of his commitment (and came to that realization post-cow) this is excellent strategic thinking. Methinks quitting West Point for “controversial” reasons is a much smaller black mark than a dishonorable discharge.

  6. Yes, and leave it up to our fair, unbiased media people to get to the bottom of the matter. Those clowns over at CNN couldn’t dig the truth from a brown paper lunch bag. As Pat Caddell recently said, they are traitors, all of them They’ve chosen sides and it ain’t on the side of the America we all know and love (or should I say “knew and loved”?).

  7. I couldn’t agree more. He seems to be a product of “blame anything other than the truth” generation. I’m glad there are still many willing, and proud of the commitment and service.

  8. Silly boy. He should have quit the day Basic ended. We’re supposed to believe that he went there 3 and half years without noticing Chaplains, Chapel Services, Sunday services? I went to a different Service Academy, and we had chapel (optional) EVERY day. Maybe 5 months from graduation is when he pulled his head out his >>>> and looked around for the first time?

    Or does he mean people say God or Jesus Christ too much when they cuss? Cause there’s a lot of that too.

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