What to get him for Christmas?

Everyone that reads MadOgre.com either is or knows someone who is into Firearms one way or another.  Military, Security Contractor, Law Enforcement, Sports Shooter… or just a Collector.   A Gun is a Machine, simple as that.  And like all Machines, need to be cared for.  Part of that is Lubrication.  A really great gift for any Gunslinger is SLIPSTREAM.

Order Slipstream straight from Amazon.com.  Whoever you give it to, will love it.  They will appreciate this more than those Golf Club Cozies you got them last year.

Slipstream also works on other types of Machinery.  It has been used on Robots, Aircraft, Cars, Trucks, Hovercraft, Motorcycles, and Earth Moving Equipment.  NASA has used it on Spaceships.  No, I am not kidding or exaggerating.   Any machine or device that has one part moving against another part – does so better with Slipstream.   But it was developed specifically for guns.  All types of guns.  I’ve tested it in over 400 different firearms and have had great results in all of them, results hands down better than any other gun lubricant tried.

Give the gift of reliability for Christmas.

6 thoughts on “What to get him for Christmas?”

  1. It is great, a little lasts a long time. I’ve used it on my rifle, pistols and shotgun. They all run better with slipstream.

  2. Cheaper direct from Crusader (not much, but we gunnies tend to be a stingy bunch).

    Best lube I’ve ever experienced, no other was even close. All of my old lubes are now used for door hinges, etc.

    SOOOOO, Ogre, when will there be a Slipstream product for auto engines? Hurry, I want to reduce friction so that my wife’s minivan gets 75 mpg. :>)

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