Marlin Firearms

I’ve mentioned the issues I’ve seen with rifles from Marlin, say the last 2 years.  Sloppy fits, poor assembly, bad fitting parts/stocks, and wood on the butt stock that looked like it came from a different species of tree than the fore end.  Just not a gun I’d recommend to anyone.

Well, last couple of months we’ve been getting in new Marlins.  And I’m very pleased to say that each one has been better than I’ve ever seen from Marlin before.  The quality is there.  These are the best guns ever to have the Marlin name.  The fit and finish are outstanding.


Three Gals from Vernal

There is this new hairstyle going around… it’s very popular.  Girls are turning up all over the place with it.  It’s “Bobbed” but shorter up the back (giving the impressing of tail feathers), and longer on the sides (giving the impression of wings).  It looks like a Chicken that just got ravaged by a Rooster.  It’s the stupidest hairstyle I’ve ever seen.  Girls, why do you want your head to look like you’ve been Rooster Raped?  Seriously.  Don’t do that to your head.  It’s not Cute, or Sassy, it’s freaking Retarded.


So I may need a new helmet now.  I took a 5 gallon bucket to the face at 75MPH.  It almost took me off my bike.  I was/am unhurt.  It blew out of the back of a truck and nailed me.  It happened so fast, I didn’t see it coming.  If I had got a half helmet type – I’d be dead.  I’m sure of that.  As it is, I’m just fine, because God loves Ogres and I live right and the well wishes of my friends and family all worked.  So, no worries.

Well, the impact was pretty good and I’m concerned about the integrity of the helmet now.  I think I need a new one.


Crusader’s Demo Broadsword .308 Carbine

Crusader Weaponry is almost done with our new Broadsword Carbine Demo Gun.  This gun is for Gun Writer Reviews.  From this point previous, every photo you’ve seen of a Broadsword has been a Customer’s Gun.  We’ve just not had the time and the parts to do a gun for just Demo Purposes.

This gun is going to be going out to the Writers sporting a new optic.  I’ve talked to a few optic companies and they were willing to send us some normal run of the mill optics… which is precisely what we didn’t want.  We wanted something unique.

Kruger Optics stepped up and is sending us a Prototype of their DTS Gen II optic.  Check it out here.  The concept is brilliant and I think it has huge potential.  Now, this unit is a Prototype and not a Production unit, but it should work just fine.  We’re looking forward to checking this thing out.  Just looking at this thing – I want to love it.


The UK likes to put on the Holier Than Though attitude over the USA.  They like to think of themselves as more intelligent and more sophisticated than us “Colonials”.   The events in the UK in the recent turmoil seem to show otherwise.

Yes, we have had some riots… such as the Rodney King riots in LA.  And some looting such as after Katrina.  But those were kicked off by some event or disaster… and then they were limited to one city.  In the UK it started over pretty much nothing and seems to have been spreading all over Great Britain.  Baseball Bats are in high demand.

Stiff upper lip, Chaps.