The UK likes to put on the Holier Than Though attitude over the USA.  They like to think of themselves as more intelligent and more sophisticated than us “Colonials”.   The events in the UK in the recent turmoil seem to show otherwise.

Yes, we have had some riots… such as the Rodney King riots in LA.  And some looting such as after Katrina.  But those were kicked off by some event or disaster… and then they were limited to one city.  In the UK it started over pretty much nothing and seems to have been spreading all over Great Britain.  Baseball Bats are in high demand.

Stiff upper lip, Chaps.

8 thoughts on “England”

  1. Stiff upper lips haven’t been in evidence over there since about 1945.

    Recent happenings in Philly and Milwaukee aren’t encouraging either.
    However, I am not anticipating such problems in Salt Lake.

  2. They can have their opinions whatever they might be.

    What burns me are the dolts here that desire we follow in their “great Socialist footsteps”.

    Take note America at what happens when you have a generation that expects entitlements.

    1. I’m glad my home protection equipment says Remington, Mossberg, Sig and Bushmaster instead of Louisville or Easton.

      An armed society is a polite society. Batter Up Britons!

  3. Notice how thier buying baseball bats and not cricket bats, seems they like the amercian way of doing things.

  4. I was stationed in the UK in 1992. While there was little to no gun violence, lots of people met their end by bludgeoning. Thugs would break into homes and beat the occupants to death with bats or other blunt objects.

    Knifings were also a very popular way of solving disagreements.

    In a nearby town, a driver cut off pedestrian in a crosswalk (something that is very illegal in Europe). The pedestrian called the driver several choice names. The driver backed up and called the pedestrian over to repeat what he said. When the pedestrian stuck his head in the window to repeat his verbal assault, the driver slit his throat.

    Of course there was the old school IRA approach of bombs. IEDs may have been popularized in Afghanistan but it was the IRA that first perfected radio detonated bombs.

    Very civilized!

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