I’m looking at you, Taurus.

You know, Taurus is one Gun Maker that has more than it’s share of detractors.  But I have to give them some props.  Their 1911 really is a solid and well built gun for the money.  Bang for the buck value is through the roof.   I took a couple that we have at the gun counter, hit them with some Slipstream… and I kid you not, the bloody things are the smoothest 1911s in the case now.  (In fact, I’ve never felt such a drastic effect from Slipstream, as I did with the Taurus 1911s!)   These are very good 1911’s, not just “for the money”, but very good 1911s – period.

The only real problem it has, is that they are not selling.

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Remington 700 Sendero .25-06

You guys know I’ve been itching for a .25-06.  Well we got in an older style Sendero on trade.  If I was in a better situation financially, I’d snag this thing.  As it is, it’s tempting for me to put it on layaway.    The older style has the narrower, slimmer stock.  The new ones have that huge retarded palm swell that I don’t really care for.  This one is just how I like them.  If I got it, I’d want to put a Rapid Z 800 on it.

Sometimes I really hate working in a gun store.   Being an addict makes the job hard.