3 thoughts on “Top Shot Season 3 looks interesting”

  1. Just because they show them in the trailer doesn’t mean that they will actually shoot them. George had a NDM-86 and Chris Tilley had a M44 (I can only remember those right off the top of my head now) and those were not shot in the show. I think you are doing the right thing beause the show will always be the same, espically with the drama. That didn’t change between season 1 and 2…why should 3 and 4 be any different?

    1. Yeah, your right. There’s probably a slim chance of anyone using a an RPG in the show. Which is a shame.
      They need to move the show from California to Wyoming or Utah.

  2. I think its a rip-offf that they show a rpg in the preview but they don’t even use it in the showS

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