Remington 700 Sendero .25-06

You guys know I’ve been itching for a .25-06.  Well we got in an older style Sendero on trade.  If I was in a better situation financially, I’d snag this thing.  As it is, it’s tempting for me to put it on layaway.    The older style has the narrower, slimmer stock.  The new ones have that huge retarded palm swell that I don’t really care for.  This one is just how I like them.  If I got it, I’d want to put a Rapid Z 800 on it.

Sometimes I really hate working in a gun store.   Being an addict makes the job hard.

4 thoughts on “Remington 700 Sendero .25-06”

  1. “will work for guns, ammo & accessories” is just fine when you are single…but when you have like 50 kids it doesn’t work out so well 😉 I made out pretty good working the counter during my seperated/divorced days, but not so much when I re-married. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) I get employee pricing at 2 shops that I do gunsmithing for and currently my wallet is extra-flat and gasping for air with my recent STI layaway.

  2. “But,But, it is an STI!” Thank the great Amphibian I was flat broke when I ran across one.
    I went into the gun store just intending to finger print some low end 1911’s. I went about $100 over what I wanted to spend on the RIA 1911 Tactical, “Look at this sir, it is only $50 more than the RIA 1911 GI, and you get so much more.”
    Hi Ho flatulence, it is going to be a bean month.

  3. Love the 25s. Shooting the 25-06 since 72, the 250-3000 since 65. They are great to reload. Man, that does kind of date me, huh!

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