Strange Day

So today I get a phone call from the Libertarian Party.  Evidently my membership in the party has been absolved.  What’s strange about that is that someone from the Libertarian Party HQ had to personally call me to inform me of this.   It’s kind of funny, because I thought it was kind of a given when I didn’t send them another check to renew my membership card.   Well, I’m just completely heart broken.

To make me feel better, I did get a personal invitation by the Governor of Utah for dinner.  Awe… that’s so nice of him.  Too bad I’m two seconds away from giving the State of Utah the middle finger.  I’m not actively looking to relocated, but let me tell you… I get a decent job offer in another state – I could be very tempted to take it.    Utah State has pissed me off.   Retarded laws and policy and procedures.  My tolerance is very low for Utah’s bullshit.  If you guys know of a good job, suitable for an Ogre, give me the heads up.

Leadership: Obama doesn’t have any.

Obama is, at this very moment, at NASA checking out the Space Shuttle launch that was postponed for 3 days… When what he should be doing, is spending time in Alabama, TX and the other states effected by Al Gore’s Weather.  That’s great, Obama.  Show us all what is really important.  Kudos!   You jackwagon.