Leadership: Obama doesn’t have any.

Obama is, at this very moment, at NASA checking out the Space Shuttle launch that was postponed for 3 days… When what he should be doing, is spending time in Alabama, TX and the other states effected by Al Gore’s Weather.  That’s great, Obama.  Show us all what is really important.  Kudos!   You jackwagon.

12 thoughts on “Leadership: Obama doesn’t have any.”

  1. Or Texans, who’s Gov asked for Federal help like an emergency declaration two weeks ago and the Obamunist has not even replied yet! Not said no, not said yes, just ignored them!! But then Texas is red state so dyeing citizens are no concern of his…He signed declarations for blue states last time in less than two days…

  2. Well, he is the first Pres that didn’t give any money for flood victims starting with the Texas flood, remember? Not one Federal dime.

    Now, I agree with this. One of the few things he did right, even if his motives were skewed. More and more states, including MN and Dakotas are turning flood plains into parks and not allowing people to rebuild there. We simply can’t afford it anymore.

    People who build on flood plains and don’t buy flood insurance deserve what they get and it’s not my job to bail them out with my tax dollars. In fact, no natural desasters should be bailed out by the Fed.

    That is the job of the people who wish to insure themselves and the individual states to take care of it locally. All these bailouts add to our debt.

    Now, you want to start a disaster relief fund for charity? Great, all for it and I’m the first in line to donate, but had the government not tax the bejezus out of me for every little drop they could get, we’d all have more money to donate to causes like these. It should be taken care of at the local level voluntarily and state level. NOT the Fed. The Fed should ONLY be taxing people to build infrastructure and National Security starting with our boarders. No nation building allowed.

    Look at the chocolate city. The local government failed to direct money specifically allocated to reinforce the levies. Katrina did nothing to New Orleans. The local Government was fully to blame. They should have been left to clean it up themselves, not to mention they have rebuilt that cesspool in the drain of a toilet bowl.

    It will get flushed again and I want no part of paying for it.

    We need to return to Federalism as our founding fathers intended.

    Power Devided is Power Checked.


  3. Obama lacking leadership? And this is news? I thought this was well known back when he was a Senator and AFAIK he never sponsored ANYTHING.

  4. But how did he became POTIS voting “Present” for three years??? The only thing he voted FOR was infancide. Oh ya the media, that vast left wing conspiracy against all free people…

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