Strange Day

So today I get a phone call from the Libertarian Party.  Evidently my membership in the party has been absolved.  What’s strange about that is that someone from the Libertarian Party HQ had to personally call me to inform me of this.   It’s kind of funny, because I thought it was kind of a given when I didn’t send them another check to renew my membership card.   Well, I’m just completely heart broken.

To make me feel better, I did get a personal invitation by the Governor of Utah for dinner.  Awe… that’s so nice of him.  Too bad I’m two seconds away from giving the State of Utah the middle finger.  I’m not actively looking to relocated, but let me tell you… I get a decent job offer in another state – I could be very tempted to take it.    Utah State has pissed me off.   Retarded laws and policy and procedures.  My tolerance is very low for Utah’s bullshit.  If you guys know of a good job, suitable for an Ogre, give me the heads up.

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  1. Is this frustration a recent develpment? or just a slow burn over the years. We need to fix the unloaded open carry thing, for one. The state Liquor store thing is another. Utah State is pretty good with money management, it seems. But the legislature is very authoritarian. I think they confuse Church leadership styles with elected representative sometimes.

  2. Try going back to the East Coast fora bit. You’ll miss Utah, I guarantee it.

    I’m not as enamored with Arizona as many are. Their Don’t Tread On Me schtick is both recent and reversible. Remember, in 2008 Janet Napolitano was governor. They were quite purple. They could easily go the way of New Mexico.

    Don’t get me wrong; I like AZ, and could live there, but the grass is always greener, I guess. (There’s not really any grass in Phoenix, though.)

    1. AZ going the way of NM…yeah I don’t think so. Not as long as I’m voting down here. Though they can have Tucson if they want it.

  3. Five generations ago my ancestors wrote G.T.T. on the doors of the farm houses they were forced to abandon. GONE TO TEXAS.

  4. Well one problem is places that are OK now may not be able to stay that way because of “Californication.”
    Texas has been able to resist better than most because for historical reasons the state government has been kept crippled. The legislature only meets in regular session once every two years, and the speaker of the Texas house has about as much power as the governor. But with the water table dropping and more people coming in from the hell holes it doesn’t look good. The upside of the authoritarian clique in Salt Lake City is that they will not share power with newcomers from places like California. Sigh, can’t win for losing. Then again I can remember when Texas was pretty much a solid Democrat State and whe didn’t have concealed carry or open carry….de jure. I guess it it is a sample of what happens when you Pooh in your nest too much and things can change on you.

    1. Texas still doesn’t have open carry. Concealed, or nothing, and begging permission to conceal involves a major hassle. So, no carry at all, without grovelling before some bureaucrat.

  5. Well, I live in a more liberal state then you (MN) I’m embarrassed to say. But we are making vast strides at the grass roots level to change this. We have been fighting this battle since before Reagan. Liberty is worth fighting for.

    We now have for the first time in over a half century have a GOP majority in BOTH houses and we are putting it to the test with tons of positive legislation moving forward. The only question is if the ultra lefty Governor and criminal Atty General will block the will of the people. If they do, we may end up with a veto proof majority in the next election. Our anual tax cut rally as enjoined more and more people to the ranks every year. It’s a hard fought grass roots battle that we are slowly winning. We are pushing out the Liberals because there is no place left to run.

    If you can’t defend where you live, you will fail to defend any place you move.

    When will you draw your line in the sand and say “ENOUGH!”

    Take it to them by educating the uninformed. You may feel like you are pissing in the wind, but the more you fight, join and recruit like minded lovers of Liberty, the sweeter the victory in the end.

    We are starting to see that now. Maybe the day will come where we won’t have politicians who are pro-wrestlers and comedians and perhaps history will forget we were the only state to NOT vote for Ronaldus Magnus Reagan.


  6. And I say this with all due Ogre respect…I think you underestimate the impact you have had on the general public George.

    You should go to the governors dinner. You are a man to be reconed with. This is why you were invited.

    This is a defensive move on the Governors part. Now is your chance to observe, take note, gain knowledge and plan your offensive moves.

    I envy your position and oportunity to capitalize on it.

    All the best to you and yours.

  7. I agree. Nosh with the gov. Great opportunity to see how he ticks in such settings. You might even get a word or two in edgewise. With your words, that could be good!

  8. Take that invite. Let him know you aren’t impressed with the LP. Seriously, the LP cannot successfully mount a campaign for dog-catcher. Anyone who gets elected on an LP ticket does so in spite of that organization. As far as they are concerned, elections are just outreach tools.

    I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to introduce you to the folks who run your local precinct … the people who actually do have a real say in who gets nominated. The Republican establishment is running scared right now, and are trying to get bodies recruited to avoid TEA party take-overs … heh.

  9. I’d be happy to rent you my house while you search for a more permanent solution if you decide to come south. I’m moving soon, but not (as of yet planning on) selling my current home.

    Honestly though, I think you might be happier, if you did come to AZ, living in northern AZ in the pines. I’m not sure you’d want to come any further south than Prescott (Jesse’s AoO). Prescott is about the most gun-friendly place on Earth.

    (Most of) The entire northern half of the state is very nice. Tall pines and very temperate climates.

    As for politics, the state has its share. Fortunately for us we have the AZCDL. A real force to be reckoned with. They’ve been instrumental in the fight for our rights. I don’t see them going away of weakening any time soon.

  10. I’ve always wanted to live in Alaska ever since I was about 10 years old when my uncle would tell me how they spent their summers camping and earning their money working in canneries for their summer income. And ever since the show “The Alaska Experiment” came out a few years ago it really sparked that self-dependency gene in my body. Even though the premise of the show is a bit unrealistic (get ready for an Alaska winter in 1 month…yea right) I do believe that life is what you make, and earn from it.

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