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Hot day, cool ride

The day was hot and sweaty… we had an Outlaw Trail Caste Party in town so I rode in. Taking it nice and easy. There was a weather front that moved in and cooled things down. My new Joe Rocket Mesh jacket really felt good, flowing a lot of air through it. A little bit of rain splashed me… Oh man… No other feeling like it.
Grilled burgers in the park was awesome.

Unfortunately the ride home had me accompanied by a Law Enforcement escort almost the entire way. From Naples to Vernal, UHP. Then VCPD through to where I gassed up at Morts. After gassing up, another VCPD picked me up. He peeled off and I thought I was in the clear, but stayed chill. Up ahead, UCSD was on location in one of their new rigs sitting there watching the Round About. I didn’t speed through it, but I didn’t slow down for it. Gave the Deputy a wave as I memorized the rig. Turned by the Maeser Sev, and another UHP picked me up and followed me most of the way home. WTF is going on? I checked into it and there was nothing going down about me… just epic level chronic bad luck for a guy wanting to twist his wrist.

WTF, Rossi?

Rossi had me going there for a minute.

Oh, a Circuit Judge in .22 Magnum?  Okay, I’m down.  “It wont let leave you hanging.”  Oh, that’s good. Don’t want to mess with a Hanging Judge!  LOL, Rossi… Using your knowledge of Western Lore… Your Crazy.

Oh man… AND it can shoot .45 Colt and .410 SHOTGUN TOO!   It’s MAGIC!  Those Wacky Brazilians… They can do anything with Voodoo Magic these days.  Even turn a Kenyan into a Hawaiian.  You guys are crazy.
That’s it.  I’m ordering one.  Hell yes.  A .22 Mag than can also throw down some wicket .410… I’m in.  Give me one, Rossi!  I’m holding my breath over here!

DAFUQ?  Discontinued?  It’s the first featured product on your Web Page?  Discontinued!  WTF, Rossi? I want this!  What can I do?  I’m going to call customer service!

Wait.  What was I going to call them about?  Ah screw it… it will come to me… I’ll just stare at this picture of this adorable blonde girl while I try to remember.


I’m not Vintage, just Out Dated.

My wife has scolded me because my faded jeans are out dated. “You’re stuck in the 80’s.” She said.
“What are you talking about?”
“Those faded jeans are so 80’s. You need new jeans. Yours are out of style.”
“Fine, I’ll get some new jeans.” After all, last thing an Ogre wants to be is out of style. Actually I just want the whole conversation to go away now. Consent by exasperation.
I buy a pair of new, darker jeans…. and she’s happy about that. She says that they look much better and life goes on. That was a month ago, or so.

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