WTF, Rossi?

Rossi had me going there for a minute.

Oh, a Circuit Judge in .22 Magnum?  Okay, I’m down.  “It wont let leave you hanging.”  Oh, that’s good. Don’t want to mess with a Hanging Judge!  LOL, Rossi… Using your knowledge of Western Lore… Your Crazy.

Oh man… AND it can shoot .45 Colt and .410 SHOTGUN TOO!   It’s MAGIC!  Those Wacky Brazilians… They can do anything with Voodoo Magic these days.  Even turn a Kenyan into a Hawaiian.  You guys are crazy.
That’s it.  I’m ordering one.  Hell yes.  A .22 Mag than can also throw down some wicket .410… I’m in.  Give me one, Rossi!  I’m holding my breath over here!

DAFUQ?  Discontinued?  It’s the first featured product on your Web Page?  Discontinued!  WTF, Rossi? I want this!  What can I do?  I’m going to call customer service!

Wait.  What was I going to call them about?  Ah screw it… it will come to me… I’ll just stare at this picture of this adorable blonde girl while I try to remember.


13 thoughts on “WTF, Rossi?”

  1. It was discontinued because it was spitting too much lead out of the cylinder gap when shooting 45 colt/410 shot loads.

    1. Huh?

      I own a circuit judge in 45 colt / .410. It works just fine. It has a big shield on it to prevent that, which was a problem on the original 19th Century revolver carbines.

      The plastic “iron” sights it comes with are crap, so budget another $50 – $100 to fix that.

      Don’t repeat garbage from internet forum warriors without verifying your facts.

          1. The website says you can fire .45 Colt and .410 in the .22 version.
            George was making light at the idea of trying to force a .40+ caliber projectile out thru a .22 caliber barrel.
            It loses the humor when you have to explain it…


          2. I was replying to laserbait’s comments about cylinder gap splatter.

            I’m sorry if I was unclear.

          3. His comment was about the splatter… from trying to neck those same .40+ calliber projectiles down to the afore mentioned .22 cal barrel…


          4. I guess the very idea of putting a .45 colt cylinder on a .22 rifle was just so unreal my brain refused to even process it.

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