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Union Twinkies

I just read that the Union Boss is blaming Mitt Romney because Hostess shut down.
I can’t fathom the depths of stupidity illustrated here.  The level of ignorance is shocking.
We have a downward plunging economy. A gigantic tax hike in the form of health care, pushed on them by the President they undoubtedly supported.  Increased costs on everything.  And fewer customers because they can’t afford luxury snacks.  Not to mention the fact the First Lady has been preaching against them.  And instead of looking for ways to save the company… which was already in bankruptcy… They pushed past what the company said they couldn’t do…
And it’s Mitt Romney’s fault?
The Union Workers there need to realize that their Union has betrayed them and sold them a bill of bad goods.
All unions have.  
Stuff that used to be made in America is now made overseas because of Government Regulations and Unions.  And we just reelected a big supporter of both.  So don’t be surprised when we see more and more layoffs.

The Democrat’s Future for America

Detroit has long been the Model of Democrat Principles. It has to be, because the Democrats have had Free Reign there for decades. Democrats and Unions have made Detroit what it is today.

Now don’t think this is just Steven Crowder doing a hit piece on the city…  There is a lot more to see in Detroit.

And here’s their new plan to bring money back to Detroit.  That’s just awesome.  Way to go guys.  Just give in to the filth and deviancy.  Fantastic.  I’m remembering the SNL skit where they talked about the Worst Job in the world… “Last year’s worst job was Crack Whore!… This year’s worst job… Assistant Crack Whore!”   Kinda made you think where one would go to file that application.   Evidently it’s Detroit… at an ACORN office.