So I put some guns up on KSL for trade for a Motorcycle.   I get some responses for parts bikes… nothing that runs.   Then I get an offer that’s just crazy good for a 2004 HD Softail.  Dude sends pictures and everything.   Oh hell yes.  The guy wants it out of his garage.  I say “Yup, I’ll take that trade offer.”

But then the guy gets cold feet and welches.   Feh.  I mean, come on… You put up a bike that’s worth twice what I offered to trade, that’s not my problem.  Oh well.  Still no bike for the Ogre.

8 thoughts on “Welcher”

  1. Sorry to hear that. I just sold my bike (it wasn’t what you were looking for or I would have messaged you) and had some pretty ridiculous offers as well.

  2. Hey Ogre, are you only looking at cruisers? I have a 2004 Kawasaki ZRX1200 that is a great all-rounder. And it’s considered a standard bike rather than a sport bike. Very comfortable ergos and still quite fast.

    1. You willing to trade for some guns? Cause I am GAME. Cruisers are what I’m wanting, but that ZRX is very doable… I’ll take that in a heart beat if your willing to trade. Absolutely.

      1. Sorry Ogre, didn’t mean to imply I was selling it. But if you find a nice ZRX in Utah I would scoop it up in a heart beat. They really are a jack of all trades type bike. And you don’t see a ton of them on the road. Only thing lacking is the stock seat. But Corbin or Sargent make a nice replacement.

    1. Read about the ZRX on my lunch break here… good riding position, power enough not to fear the mountains between here and SLC… Yeah, that bike would be perfect.

  3. Also, Eddie Lawson Race rep looks.
    I grew up around the UJMs, the ZRX came out when I was working LA… I would go up on Mulholland and watch the guys giving sport bikes fits on them.
    I have to say they ARE my dream bike.


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