9 thoughts on “Might have a new bike…”

  1. Not quite the mileage devourer that a ZX-11 would be, but it should do pretty nicely. Probably a bit more fun for your commute too.

  2. Check (google) the range on that honda before the deal is done if it goes back that way. 4.2 gallon tank.

    1. Yeah, I know… but that does give me a 40 mile range boost over what the Magna had. Not a lot – but enough to cross certain stretches of interstate that I wouldn’t have been able to cross without packing a 2 liter bottle full of petrol.

  3. I had one and loved it. It was a sad day when I had to sell her. It’s a great bike and I’d have another in a hot second.

  4. The Superhawk’s were known to get pretty bad fuel milage. That’s common to big twin sport bikes. So, with it’s 4.2 fuel tank and about 35 mpg, not great range. Blaine

  5. Just for grins I checked out the price on the European 5 gal tanks and the aftermarket tanks for the Super Hawk. Way to expensive. $550 or the European tank and that was when they were available. There is the possibility of adapting some other large Honda tanks for the bike but I couldn’t find any details?? The consensus on the Super Hawk forums was to either get a different bike if you needed the range or carry some extra gas, tuning the carb system was also suggested. Some claim 40 mpg but that’s on the Internet.

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