I took a bike home with me.

I snagged a bike that I saw.  The other bike had carb tuning issues I decided I didn’t want to get into, so I brought home a different one… One that runs FLAWLESSLY.  Purrs like a kitten at idle, screams like a beast when I open the throttle.

My new ride.


This is a Honda Magna, late model.  Almost brand new condition.  Riding her… oh man… feels good.  It cruises beautifully.

My fondest memories on motorcycles was on an 85 Magna.  I was dating the woman that would become my bride, and we would cruse all around Provo and Orem on that bike.  It was beautiful.  Cool bike, gorgeous girl on the back with her arms wrapped around me… I felt like a billion bucks.  She loved it too, because I’d look back at her, and she’d be grinning.   The bike was a really deep dark blue that most of the time just looked black.   We made some fantastic memories together on that bike.   When I sold that bike… man… that was a sad day that I’ve regretted ever since.  And really when I was thinking I want another bike – what I was really thinking was that I wanted those moments in time back.

One thing I’d like to do to it… find a bigger fuel tank.  3.6 gallons is small, and I want longer legs for the bike.  The other thing is the Mustang Seat, which the guys I bought this bike from has.  It’s a seat that is universally regarded as superior for longer rides.  The seat and a bigger tank would allow this bike to go around the country.

21 thoughts on “I took a bike home with me.”

  1. Congrats!!!
    My dad had one of the original V65 Magnas, I confiscated it for about a month while working in Austin.
    They are good looking bikes with a great exhaust note.


    1. When I was dating the woman that became my bride, I had a V65 and we cruised all over on it. It was great. And I saw this pretty thing. Love it.

  2. Of all the bikes I’ve owned, my favorite was a Sabre 700. I’m still pissed at the minivan that turned in front of me and wrecked it.

  3. I think this one will suit your all around needs well. Honda sure knows how to make tough and dependable engines as well. Besides Mrs. Ogre can go on warm summer night rides with you on this.

  4. Mrs Ogre wasn’t smiling back in the dating times. She was breathing through her teeth so as to not swallow any bugs!

  5. LOL great day for both of us George. I just picked up a 1996 Vulcan 750. I love it because my Wife found it for me. 29,000 miles and looks almost like brand new. New tires with like literally 50 miles, a “sissy bar” bag for those long trips. And the guy had the carbs sync’d. So were both doing the happy dance.

  6. Looks like you didn’t go with a ZRX. That’s ok, Magnas are great bikes too. I had a ’99 model that I absolutely loved. My best friend still has his ’95 with 35k miles. Ditch the stock pipes, get a jet kit, and have it dyno tuned. They are surprisingly quick bikes and make for decent tourers if properly set up (looks like yours is). Congrats!

  7. My last bike was a Magna. Great bikes, that shaft drive cranks out some torque, and as stated, “bulletproof”.


  8. THERE you go, Ogre! That’ll do everything you want a bike to do. Congratulations! Now… when’s that long bike tour you want to take gonna happen? 🙂

  9. Congrats on the bike! You should always have one in the garage, no matter what the wife or family says! I don’t know what I would do without one.
    Enjoy and keep the rubber side down.

  10. Congrats good choice. Now wife and I took a 2500 mile 2 week trip to Utah and back along the southern states some (long) time ago on a Yam 1100 with factory faring. Best trip of my life. I still keep a Honda Shawdow 1100 for summer riding and short trips. I want to get a silver or gold wing for after retirement. Viva la MC’s!

  11. Ya know you have to put a red thistle on the gas tank!! Come to think of it you need to put the red thistle on the side of the Crusader hats!! Oh and tie shirts, your maj.

  12. Congratulations Ogre. That’s a fine motorcycle. So, when’s the Crusader ride? I need time to put a shine on the Concours.

    1. We’ll have to organize a Crusader Ride. Support Rigs carry the weapons and the ammo, and we ride to some cool place to do some shooting and BBQ’ing. That would be a blast.

  13. Now yer talkin’. My kind of bike.


    Had a lot of friends riding these.

    Good for you. Two thumbs up for the Mustang seat and larger tank idea.


    Think of all the new memories waiting to be made on that bad boy.

    I can hear those pipes flirting with Mrs. Ogre now…


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