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So the Editor if Recoil Magazine issued an Apology.  I’m not going to post his bullshit, but it was basically him saying “I’m sorry you were offended.”  Not that he was sorry he made an error in saying it… just sorry that you took it to be offensive.  That’s not an apology.  That’s what I say when what I really want to say is “Fuck you, and fuck off.” 
George Bush said this to China when a Chinese Fighter ran into one of our P3 Orion’s and caused it to crash land… China demanded an apology and Bush basically said “We’re sorry your fighter pilot ran into our plane.”  Again, Bush basically gave China the middle finger.
So with Recoil giving us the Middle Finger, it’s time to return the favor to them.
Recoil is a magazine.  Magazines make their money not by selling the rag – that just covers costs – but by selling Advertising.
Instead of contacting Recoil Magazine, we contact those that have been advertising in the magazine:
Magpul, Panteo, Bravo Company. 
We need to contact these guys and request that they stand up for Civilian Gun Owners and withdraw all their advertising from Recoil.
Recoil needs to die on the vine.  It was a shallow rag at best with no actual content and these companies advertising with them can do better in other venues.  
In fact, ask them to Advertise instead with Armed American Radio and Mark Walters will give them a smoking good deal if they Jump Ship over to AAR Advertising.
I’m still pissed at Recoil… They had a good idea at a nice high end magazine, but really failed at not hiring actual Gun Guys to edit and write for them.  This is a fatal flaw that needs to be shoved right through the heart.

It is possible to save Recoil.  The Layout Artists are good, but the writers and editors need to be replaced to the person.  Especially JT, the moron who started this mess. When Recoil gets a new Staff, it could become one of the best magazines out there. 
But to be honest, I don’t see this happening.

What’s sad though is all the good magazines that have gone away… I miss OMNI Magazine.  *sigh*

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  1. As Unkle Musket said, Recoil is full of homo-erotic fashion shots of men in molle. Its a shallow gun porn rag meant for people who dont know anything about guns.

    1. Airsoft commandos would be their remaining market.

      They like hearing that the stuff they have replicas of are restricted to only super-elite jack-booted thugs, like the BATFE ( or is that now the Violent Criminal Bureau? An amazingly honest and self descriptive name for that agency … ).

  2. Jerry can keep his under duress apology, his self-pity party and he a can keep his knights and peasants dichotomy. I’m not interested in any of it. And as always, HK can just stay in Europe, resting on their Iranian Embassy laurels that haven’t been renewed or freshened in quite some time. Jerry and HK are a good match.

  3. Hire us over at http://WWW.WETHEARMED.COM. I know we couldn’t make it any worse!

    Oh wow a bi-coastal gun mag staff with common sense. I think my head just exploded a bit.

    T and Steven doing layouts, Harm, Ogre, and GunDoc doing op-eds, me and Jim doing equipment reviews.

    I think I need to lie down now.

    1. I can imagine the editorial section: “Should hippies be allowed a religious exception to mandatory open carry laws?”

  4. Magpul has already pulled all their advertising with Recoil.

    “Recently, the editor of RECOIL magazine wrote comments regarding who should and should not have access to certain firearms, as well as comments meant to clarify his initial statements. We at Magpul were severely disappointed in the apparent position of the author and by the comments themselves. We have been asked to provide a response to these comments and a statement regarding our intent to continue or discontinue advertising in RECOIL.

    At Magpul we consider ourselves proponents of a culture of personal responsibility, where individual liberties are the true roots of our passion. Firearms are tools that can be an expression of those liberties, and more importantly, the guardians of them. When we were presented with the opportunity to support a new publication, called “RECOIL”, that had a different look and feel, we were on board. We had hopes that the broad appeal and fresh look of a publication of this type could be a big help in getting m
    ore people involved and interested in firearms and firearm freedoms issues. We welcome all who enjoy or appreciate firearms for any lawful purpose, as greater numbers strengthen our cause. We also want to partner with those who share our appreciation of the true struggle we are in regarding our Second Amendment freedoms.

    Due to concerns about content and true motivation, we allowed our support for RECOIL to expire, with the current issue being our last, until we could determine if we were truly speaking the same language. The recent comments and subsequent clarification made by the editor of RECOIL are completely counter to our position here at Magpul. These statements proved that there is an apparent gap between our values and those of RECOIL. As such, we have chosen not to continue or renew any advertising support for RECOIL magazine unless and until we are convinced at some future point that this publication truly shares our values and has the best interests of Magpul and our customers in mind.

    We sincerely hope that the outpouring of Second Amendment support as a result of these comments can continue with as much strength towards educating existing and potential new shooters about the importance of firearms rights and in contacting elected officials to preserve those rights. We look forward to future efforts to reach a broader audience through individual effort, and perhaps through an appropriately focused publication, to continue growth in the number of Americans who enjoy celebrating our Second Amendment heritage.”

  5. Wow. I’m impressed with the leadership shown by these companies… doing what’s right, regardless of the cost.
    In turn, we need to make sure we support these companies for standing up for the rest of us.

  6. I was gonna buy some new Lancer mags for my 5.56…not now…it’ll be MagPul. The brothers of the 2nd amendment tribe stick together, never backing up…Shame too, i’m a little embarrassed to admit, I kinda liked the magazine. As a result of the Recoil editors comments, I’ve placed my issues with my stash of emergency toilet paper…

  7. I kind of liked that magazine, too. The layout looked good, especially when compared to most other gun mags. I agree that most of the writing is lacking in substance, but it was a fun read.

    It is good to see these companies taking a stand and I planning on buying stuff from them in the near future. I only hope that the gun rights people apply the same energy and enthusiasm to our elected officials that suck up to us and then forget us when they get into office.

  8. Wow, it’s refreshing to know that some companies care more about core values than a bottom line. I swear that the gun culture is so strong & passionate that we will cut the nuts off one of our own when they get out of line after a reasonable attempt to make things right but doesn’t do the right thing. Recoil came off as pretty pompus. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them…I guess it will be Ramen noodles for Mr. Editor for a while.

  9. Who is going to win the race of getting a picture of themselves using recoil as toilet paper onto the internet?

  10. RECOIL was like Maxim with guns…big on flash but low on content. Good thing is this…a mag like that has a place in the gun world, maybe with “JT” out of the picture or the entire mag going belly up that a new one can take its place and do it right.

    Want an example?

    Surplus Firearms just ceased publishing after 20+ years…a new mag called Military Surplus by Harris publishing just came out (on newstands now)…they put more into 1 issue than SF did in 2…RECOIL can be reborn…rename it OGRE

  11. BravoCompanyUSA:
    “As of this time, Bravo Company USA and BCM cannot continue it’s support of the publication. We have asked the editors to suspend our web ads while we continue discussions with the management and staff about a satisfactory resolution to this situation.”

  12. Hey, if they sold the mag to us for $15.00 I’d take it…make the Ogre the editor…have guys in our network write the articles…Get Oleg to do the photography…change the name so we don’t have to overcome the stigma…and make a fucking fortune. That would kick butt. Gun guys writing a rag for gun guys. New concept.

  13. That statement from Magpul was one of the best bits of writing I’ve seen in a while. Looks like it’s time to order some Magpul gear. I’ve still never tried the AFG…

  14. How hard would it be to start up a magazine?
    Like pick several folks, Ogre, Haley, LawDog, TamK, ??

    Pay in % of monetary income or something like, keep restrictions on commentary light, and an ethos of honor and adherence to the true 2nd Amendment.
    Pick monthly topics of interest and go for quality advertizers go?

    It would be nice to help start something like that.

  15. We could start it up for the first say 6 issues as an E-Mag before adding paper, I’ve got hosting we could use, all we’d need is a URL.

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