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The Scariest Movies

KSL.com has an article about the 13 Scariest movies.

This list is for Horror Lightweights… Which means for most people living in Utah.  But the Ogre lives in Utah and this list is something he might watch at 3 AM because he can’t sleep.  *Yawn*.  I’m bored and tired just looking at that Fail Roster.

Okay, The Ring and The Thing are right up there for great Spook Flix… but they don’t SCARE me.  I’m not exactly sure what it is that really scares me… but there is one that stands out that scared the shit out of me.


There are two kinds of people out there… Those that have seen EH in the theatre… and those that have only seen it at home, safe, in your little box.  Event Horizon scared the shiat out of me.  3 days later, I climbed a wall backwards trying to get away from my wife… because I was having a nightmare about EH.  Uncle Musket did the same thing 2800 miles away after watching EH, three days later.  Hell, I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep for a week.

The Woman in Black… with Daniel Radcliffe is a new movie out on disk that’s well worth watching.  It has great Lovecraftian atmosphere and tells a good story.  It’s scared a lot of people I know… and is now in my favorites list of Creepy Movies.  You’ll have to check it out if you’ve not seen it.

So what movie scared you the most?

Zombies and Cannibals

Like many others, I’ve followed the Florida Bath Salt Zombie stories with morbid interest.  Drudge has also been putting up articles able a couple Cannibals.

As a public service announcement, we must address the differences between a Zombie and a Cannibal.

Zombies have no will of their own, the wander around as if in a daze, voting Democrat, and they are undead.  There is ample proof of this as a great many Registered Democrat Votes in hotly contested districts are indeed from people who have died…. then this Floridian Bath Salt Zombie… Yes, Zombies are real and they are out there.  

If they bite you, there is a 90% chance you too might become a zombie.   That last 10% chance – that’s your buddy shooting you in the head before you turn.  If he is a good friend that is.

Cannibals however are very different.  They can be very intelligent, careful planners, and they can craft elaborate traps for their victims.  They are still human and are just like the rest of us… except they want to eat the rest of us… My point is they look at act (mostly) like anyone else. You can’t tell who is and who isn’t a Cannibal.  But that just makes them all the more dangerous. Cannibals however could be found wearing Turtleneck Sweaters, Popped Collars, Berets, and Tight Pants that are not quite long enough.

The question remains – what to do about these two types of people eaters.  The answer is simple.  Once identified, the same counter measures and responses work well in both cases.  SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD.

Works every time.

The More You Know…

New writing project

As you guys know I’ve finished the first book of Uprising and as we speak, the publisher is going through it with a fine tooth comb getting it ready to print. When that happens, I don’t know just yet. Uprising’s sequel, Uprising UK is almost finished… But as it sits, I am needing to take a break from zombies.
I was going to work on Privateer or Silvershot, but a story idea smashed me upside the head and I’ve got to get it out. It’s a Sci-Fi. Something I’ve just never been able to write before. Moreover, it’s a Horror. I’ve recycled the title Vibrant Darkness for this work and I’m well underway.
In this universe, spaceships are sub-light, but can cross the vast distances by traveling through “warp space”. Similar to Warhammer 40K, but I’ve strived for Warhammer’s inspiration, HP Lovecraft. My goal is to make this a Lovecraftian Sci-Fi. But I’ll have to let the readers be the judge of that.
For those who are not WTA members, you will have to wait.  This book is going to be published before summer’s end, as is my goal for it.  For those that are members of WeTheArmed.com, it’s in the Creative Writing Forum, a Sub-section of the R&R Forum. For Members, here is the direct link.

Horrible Horror

I love horror movies…   But lately I’ve found no good scary movies at all.

“Devil”?  No.  Come on, the Devil is really in an elevator?  Stupid story to begin with, but at least that one had… Okay, I don’t know what that one had…  Paranormal Activity… started out good… had potential.. then the ending totally ruined the whole movie.  Paranormal Activity 2 was even worse… the super slow build up that lead to nothing but bitter disappointment.

I just watched “The Last Exorcism”.  This flick was semi interesting… A fake preacher doing a fake exorcism that turns out to be real… at best, it got “interesting”… had some potential… and then the ending was the worst of the retarded cliche endings that made Paranormal Activity look brilliant.

Ewe Boll could have made better horror movies than these.  These are “Pants On The Head” retarded.  I want my Dollar Fifty back from the Red Box.

Where are the good new Horror movies?  If this is what American Horror Film Makers are doing – they need to go back to Remaking Japanese Horror movies.  Or just quit… and go away.  Second thought, yes… do that.  Go away…