Ballistic Theater

Ballistic Theater.  A live Spreecast discussion of movies and TV for gun guys by gun guys.  Wednesday nights at 8pm EST.   Daniel Shaw, host of Gunfighter Cast and head of Paratus Academy and yours truly, George “The Mad Ogre” Hill.
First episode:  Getting To Know Your Hosts – Our Favorite Gun Movies.

This has been two years in the making.  Daniel had to move from Japan to the East Coast.  George had to move from Utah to the East Coast.  No excuses.  No quarter.  No Editing.  No missing this…  We’re not Pod Casting This… We’re doing this Live.

7 thoughts on “Ballistic Theater”

  1. Dang George! That’s when I watch the gun stuff on the Outdoor channel. They don’t do on demand.
    Anybody know if they HULU? I’m too cheap to ask.
    Who is suffering through a 20% pay cut (temporary or so they say.)

    1. They don’t do Hulu. Which is a shame. Because if it’s not on Hulu, I don’t watch it.
      Really I don’t watch much of anything anymore.

  2. Any way to copy the audio and put it up as a podcast? I have download limits and video is a no go for me due to a hard 5 gig per week limit. Very much want to listen, Ballistic Theater has been in my Itunes podcast feed since the place holder went up. Thanks

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