I’m going to kill my Facebook account

I’ve decided that I am going to kill my Facebook account.  I’m going to switch to Google+.  I don’t really know why I did Facebook in the first place… but I kind of liked it.  And then all the sudden I started getting Friend Requests from not just people who I don’t know… but also from Companies I never heard of.  If you are company that wants to be my friend – give me something.  A gesture.  Not access to my Friends List.   It’s just all too unwieldy now.  With Google+ I’m only going to accept people who I actually know.  If I don’t know you… that’s too bad.  My friends on WTA and such are welcome, Family of course, but if you are from Romania and I don’t know you and can’t pronounce your name… I’m sorry.

Probably by the end of the month I’ll kill my Facebook account.

12 thoughts on “I’m going to kill my Facebook account”

  1. I quit FaceBook months ago. Too much wasted time and it got very annoying and faddish. I had to make my family stop telling our moment by moment activities and locations. It was just begging for a burglary.

    I don’t miss it a bit.

  2. I watched the whole Google+ and “Circles” thing come about, but I don’t think I’ll kill my Facebook account even after joining that other “realm” – I do have to chat with my young nieces and nephews and other young-and-don’t-know-better-people somehow!

  3. I’d very strongly advise dropping pretty much all social media and Facebook especially. Facebook’s record on privacy issues has always been abysmal.

    1. but…..GOOGLE?

      The folks that keep track of where every Android phone goes?

      I mean, I use Facebook and have my privacy settings on Maximum Paranoid…..friends only. I have a block list that I have to scroll through 7 pages to get to the bottom. It’s populated with every criminal that I know, every attorney that I know (but I repeat myself), and every assorted troublemaker that I know.

      ….and NOBODY but me can see my friends list. (That’s an option, Ogre)

  4. If you don’t like Facebook, fine. But switching to a Google product over privacy concerns is just kidding yourself. Google doesn’t believe in privacy, period.

    I’ll say it again. When the government decides to attempt to implement a mechanism for tracking and monitoring Americans’ activities on a constant basis, Google will be the private sector company that steps up to help them do it.

    You get out of this social networking crap what you put into it. Most of my Facebook friends are people I actually know. I don’t accept friend requests from total strangers.

  5. LOL! I killed my account about 4 months ago or so.

    That whole social networking bullshit just takes too much time to respond and maintain, plus your privacy is not protected.

    I have shit I need to get done rather than sitting at a computer or on a cell phone 24/7 responding to “friends”.

    Hell I don’t even have a TV subscription.

    Church – Check
    Wash kids car by hand – Check
    Load of Laundry – Check
    Change Oil – Check (Mobil 1 Extreme with the extreme filter baby!)
    Take break from heat and check MadOgre.com and mix Malibu Rum and Coke – Check
    Sand & Repaint Smoker
    Prep 2 lbs Elk Jerkey
    Plant the garden (No, its not too late.)
    Sealcote the driveway
    Continue drinking like a fish – In Progress…haven’t eaten anything yet so I’m counting on a fantastic buzz. Obamacare is paid up (100% dental increase and 56% medical increase this year) so no worries with the power sander.

    Facebook not allowed.

    Besides, the CEO is a flaming libtard who supports Obama. Fuck them both.

  6. I trust FB more than ANYTHING to do with google.The thing you need FB for is to just keep an eye on certain people and activities.Just IGNORE the chaff of life.You DO have too many friends.Clean out the unknowns.It’s very easy.

  7. Features like Google tracking you constantly, making large donations to the Obama Campaign, and installing spyware cookies on your computer. LOL

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