So much of the main stream media are orgasmicaly celebrating the overthrow of the government in Egypt.  Even the President of the United States is caught up in it.

I’m not so gleeful.

I look sideways at mobs of Communists and Muslim Brotherhood when they are happy about something.

The Egyptian Military has said that it will honor the peace treaty with Israel.  I think it offered that up a bit too quick, don’t you?  Maybe it’s genuine.  And maybe they are saying “Nice Doggy” while looking for a rock.    I suspect it’s the latter.  If I was Israel, I would very carefully, very subtly, move some assets around in preperation for a sudden hostile act.    Look for small insurgency actions to make Israel respond so Egypt can say “SEE, SEE!” and jump on Israel with both feet.

This would give Egypt a great deal of support and credibility with Liberal Media and the Middle East.  Both are two things I don’t trust.

5 thoughts on “Celebrations”

  1. Dunno about the Commies and the Islamists, but I believe the Egyptian Military when they say they’re gonna make nice with Israel. I doubt they’ve forgotten the last time they tried bullying their neighbor to the East. In Six Days, Egypt lost most of its armored vehicles, air force, and the whole of the Sinai Peninsula. And that was when they were barely equipped and thoroughly disorganized, and with less than 48 hours notice. Just think what Israel could do to Egypt today.

    1. That’s the first consideration… but they also want to allow for elections and that means a big chance for the Muslim Brotherhood to take power… and if they do that… then they will strike Israel. Also… we don’t know how much of the Egyptian Military is M.B.
      And any band of warriors who get a beating, want a shot at revenge. I bet they would love to prove themselves to the world that they can beat the Israelis. Because they were soundly thrashed, yes. But they were also embarrassed by that. They would love for some Pay Back.

      What’s funny is that while they were shouting that they hate America and Westerners and beating up our Reporters… Now that the Mob is done Mobbing. They want us back. Their businesses are empty of customers because everyone that could, fled. Brits, Americans, Spanish, French, Germans, they are all gone. And what’s left? Not much for them.
      One interview said “We want them to come back!?”
      Really? Then why did you threaten to cut their heads off?

      1. After the assassination of Sadat, the military pretty well purged itself of the muslim brotherhood (which had extensively infiltrated the military). Today, if there are any MB left in the military, they are pretty well buried and not in a position to effect the military’s actions. This is one primary reason why the MB is demanding that a “governing council” have four civilian members and only one from the military. (Somehow, I doubt that the military is going to go along with that program.)
        The problem for the time being (per Amb. Bolton; and I agree) is that the people with any sort of political prominence have no organizational backing; and the organized political groups have no prominent political leaders — except for the muslim brotherhood. (and, as it stands, the MB enjoys the support of between 20% and 40% of the population.
        Of course, the military may be planning to clamp down quite hard on the MB; and is allowing them to expose themselves in order to more easily target them for further, more complete purges. The Egyptian military still feels the shame of the way the MB dishonored them by assassinating Sadat; and, in the Mid-East, “revenge is a dish best eaten cold” is a way of life.

  2. Israel has nukes. Egypt has Aswan.

    Egypt will play nice, because they cannot afford to do otherwise, with that sword hanging over their own heads.

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