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How come we are not bombing the shit out of Libya for murdering our Ambassador? How come we are not doing anything about this? Why is our President setting America up as the kid that anyone on the playground can pick on?
Fuck that. America should be FEARED. Americans around the world should cause a wake of fear and caution as they walk around because everyone knows that if you fuck with an American, we will saturate your world with pain and despair. You will show America respect or we will take it from you.
Our President is such a pussy he is putting every American at risk instead of protecting us like the Commander And Chief is supposed to do.

My anger has not subsided.  In fact, it’s only gotten worse.  Because instead of our President actually doing anything about this, he has Apologized To The Murderers and Terrorists!  WHAT THE FUCK, OVER?  WHAT THE FUCK?
One of my young sons learned of this attack, the murder of our Ambassador, the removing of our the US Flag… He observed that “the Libyans have in effect declared War on America.”  My KID sees this… Why can’t our damned President?  Apologizing to Murderers?  When did we start apologizing to evil?

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  1. Amen Ogre. Blood’s boiling over this one. He apologizes to the muslims, but at the DNC they have to vote 3 times to put God back into their platform? Yet Obama is mentioned over 200 times? And when the vote is finally approved, it’s met with boos from the damn liberal crowd in the convention center. WTF OVER is right!

  2. Given that our spineless, disgraceful president is not going to do anything about this deplorable act, I think Congress should pass a resolution condemning the government of Libya for the events. That’s not nearly as strong a response as what I would prefer to see (in my opinion we should carpet bomb benghazi) but at least a congresional resolution would show that some part of the U.S. government opposes such action. If you agree, call your congress critter and demand that they pass a resolution condemning the Libyan government.

  3. Seems to me there is a hidden agenda going on and if we don’t wake up soon were in for a huge surprise sad and scary that this can happen under our noses and there is not so much as a sneeze of awareness in the general public . Not sure if november will get here fast enough.

  4. 1979. Jimmy Carter had the same problem. Anybody remember how that one went down? The Iranians decided they didn’t want to play “chicken” with Ronald Reagan. An old Roman summed it up best: “Let them hate, so long as they fear.” , Lucius Accius.

  5. Can you provide me three good reasons why we are even over there in the first place in that hell hole? Okay, one good reason?

    We should pull out of half the countries of the world and start trying to save our own with our own money. Somalia, Libya, Egypt… these people hate us. Why are my taxes going to support these bog scum?

    1. Who is over there? The staff of an embassy? We have embassies in nearly every nation on earth. Now if we had 20,000 troops doing peace keeping duty I would agree. I am pissed that this happened, but embassies are going to be in most nations and their staffs will have to work there. Yes they should be better protected, yes we should go cyclic if someone tries to storm our embassies. But speaking to why those particular individuals were in Libya, they were there because that is their job.

      A more pertinent question is why there was not more security and why were dead attackers not stacked outside the walls like cordwood?

  6. America does nothing because the people in charge of the government aren’t Americans. Oh, maybe they can claim citizenship by accident of birth, but culturally they are so out of tune with the American Nation that this lack of response doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Benghazi should glow in the dark then blame it on a Iranian nuke that had a accidental discharge

    1. I like the idea of reprisals being blamed on enemies, just to get the nutters greasing each other again, but the nukes aren’t needed. A truck bomb falsely linked to the Quds Force would be good.

        1. Very much so.

          And in general, the US should launch campaigns a bit more like the Phoenix Program and less like Rolling Thunder.

  8. Come on, it was not the libyan goverment as such who did this. It was people who happened to be in Libya, but not the state libya. We can agree that Libya should have had better security and so on, but still you can not bomb a whole country because of some peoples actions.


      1. The Libyan police assigned to guard the embassy handed the staff over to the AQ pukes to be raped and murdered.

        This is libertarian bullshit, and only encourages more attacks.

        We did not hesitate to nuke Japan for attacking us. Countries that side with AQ should get the same treatment.

        1. This is an example of the Dennis Rodman theory of diplomacy, the “Bad as I want to be” approach.

          A crappy government, only a year or so old, has internal order issues and people who want to overthrow and weaken that government has killed Americans there.

          I know, lets drop bombs on the government till their enemies stop killing our people!

    1. There is no goverment but the web site documents over 19thousand separate acts of terrorism by practicioners of that religon since 9-11-01. Enough is enough,in 1945 President Truman stopped the Kamikazi with two bombs

      1. “President Truman stopped the Kamikazi with two bombs”

        Kamikazi was a tactic, not an enemy and the Japanese had long been “stopped” when the bomb was dropped. President Truman got the Japanese to surrender with two bombs. He got a nation state to surrender when he threatened to utterly destroy it. Additionally it still took a ruler who is seen as a god by the Japanese people to make that surrender happen. If he had asked it of them, they would have gone down swinging.

        Islam is a religion of over a billion people (around 1.5 billion) spread out over every populated continent on earth. The majority of Muslims do not speak Arabic if you want an indication of how wide spread they are. They dont have a cohesive leadership, their governments are very diverse including secular governments like ours who happen to have Muslim citizens.

        So how exactly do you propose to stop terrorism and Muslim extremism with bombs? Hey bombs and direct action raids are great and will always have a place in playbook to resolve problems, but they are not the be all end all.

  9. I’m with Geoff and STIG, this is a job for special forces and/or some well-targeted smart munitions. Attacking an entire country over the actions of an angry mob is inefficient and likely just what the mob had in mind. I mean, imagine if we were in a similar situation and someone bombed our country over the actions of 20 greenpeace wackjobs.

    Why attack your new government if you can dupe the Americans into doing it for you?

      1. Libertarians believe in peace through superior firepower.

        “Blow up a bunch of innocents in the hope of getting one or two of the actual perpetrators” is not “rational.”

  10. That state ment was issued by the Egypt consuelit 6 hours before for that attack.  It wasn’t a “we are sorry” to the the shit bag rag heads. But as to a response, if every one hates you, you might as well have them fear you as well. Fuck ISLIAM

  11. The movie in question was a fake. The riots were orchestrated and pre-planned. There is something odd going on.

    1. Reichstag Fire? … Gleiwitz Incident? … a false flag operation (in this case an anti-islamic movie) to incite the islamic world into burning rage? … interesting.

      1. I don’t have a clue. I just know this doesn’t pass my personal smell test. Wiser people can ask “who benefits?”, but as for me, I’m beyond trying to figure this mess out. I like to think things would make more sense if we utilized our own oil deposits and built a whole series of new nuke plants…but I have poly sci fatigue. But even saying that, a whole mess of people need to;

        1)Turn up missing.

        2)Have a nasty fall down the stairs.

        3)Have an unfortunate run-in with a “mugger”.

        4)Fall off their hotel balcony.

        If more than three people know about something, it leaks. We can find out who orchestrated these Embassy attacks, and we can make their lives unpleasant and short.

    2. I’m beginning to think the trailer was posted in a deliberate attempt to stir up problems in the Middle East.

      1. The trailer means nothing.

        AQ wanted an excuse to attack US and other infidel targets this anniversary of 9-11.

        They picked some crap at random to be the excuse.

  12. Cut off money, cut off trade, cut off air travel, cut off wire transfers, everything. Let those friggin savages enjoy nothing but their own company for a few decades. We’ll check back in a generation or two, see if they are ready to join the civilized world or not.

  13. Bombed Marine Barracks in Beirut.
    Dead Army Rangers drug through the streets of Somalia.

    Probably a bunch more I can’t think of right now.

    When has the US ever responded in the way which you are advising?

    I don’t know if it’s the right response, but it seems like you’re upset because the Government is reacting the way it has always reacted to these kinds of attacks.

      1. Who is this “they”?

        It wouldnt be the AQ affiliated groups that have to operate at least semi-clandestinely in the countries you propose bombing would it? How exactly is bombing nations that suck at life so much they cant control their internal spaces going to magically make those nations able to prevent things like this?

        History has not been short of people and nations willing to kill over the least slight and slights have happened at a pretty good clip throughout history. Lord knows that there are plenty of people that need smiting in this world today, and targeted hits with precision air and SOF are needed more than effort. I dont think bombing countries for the actions of non-state actors is a broad spectrum solution to the problem.

        1. Chem, which is my point. Again, why are we there? What benefit has Libya provided us that warrant us providing diplomatic relations and a blank check?
          Why are you talking about surgical strikes in a foreign nation which is a declaration of war?
          How many consulates and embassies do we keep in Iran?

          1. Are personnel who were there, were there because we keep diplomatic relations with nearly every nation on earth. We can debate if we should give them aid or not, but US diplomatic personnel will be in most nations on earth. They provide diplomatic services to US citizens in those nations, are the official conduit of messages from the US government to that nation and the embassy supports other important US government functions in foreign nations (read between the lines).

            OBTW, even threat nations generally have US Embassies (like the Soviet-freaking-Union during the cold war). The following countries are the ONLY nations in the world that do not have an embassy or consulate, some because they are too dangerous, some because we have no diplomatic relations with them and some because they are not important enough:
            -North Korea
            -Antigua and Barbuda
            -St. Kitts and Nevis
            -St. Lucia
            -St. Vincent and the Grenadines

            OBTW when I talk of strikes in other countries, they could be seen as “acts of war”, not “decelarations of war”, only congress can do those. However, nations often recognize the limits of their own abilities to go after threats or the importance that we attach to killing/capturing certain actors and will allow us to operate within their borders. A case in point is the nation of Yemen. They have a problem with an AQ franchise that not only is of interest to us, but also threatens the government of Yemen. The Yemenese government tells us we can use our capabilities to target those AQ elements within their borders. When we shoot a hellfire into a car there it is not an act of war but an action sanctioned by their government.

          2. Not sure why it is not letting me reply to your comment… you’re right, I meant act of war not declaration. And a case against your point is a larger and more important country like Pakistan which doesn’t appreciate us sending hellfire’s into cars. I don’t care that much, but just sayin’
            I submit we add Libya to your list. Name three things Libya is famous for?
            Okay I’ll go:
            1) Ghadaffi 2) Dead US Ambassador 3) Lockerbie bombing

            Not worth putting an ambassador in harm’s way of uneducated savages. Him and a couple of muzzled guards, and a diplomat gamer wizard dude sharing classified information to 12 year olds in a chat room. That wasn’t weird btw.

    1. “When has the US ever responded in the way which you are advising? “

      Oh, back in the days of President Jefferson, if I recall correctly. Somewhere back then. Been a while.

      The Marine Corp anthem line “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” refers to our ability and willingness (and history) to seriously kick butt around the world if necessary.

      1. Your point is well taken however I’d postulate that the Government that exists now has very little to do with what Jefferson knew.

        Never mind that the government is just people and those people are a long time dead.

        The only thing the current Government has in common with the Government of Jefferson is geography.

  14. If’n I were President, every single embassy and consulate in a nation that was considered remotely hostile would be armed with several M-2s, with at least 10,000 rounds per. The Marines themselves would NEVER be disarmed (as the State Dept. apparently ordered). Since it is the host government’s obligation to keep those places safe, there’d be standing orders that anyone who came through the gate or over the wall without permission would get a heavy dose of John Moses Browning’s Fuck You pills. If the host government doesn’t like it, we’ll leave – along with all of our financial aid and any economic treaties that encourage our companies to do business with them. However, not being without gratitude, I’d also deliver a parting gift to the host country for their hospitality, via air mail (you don’t want them to be kept waiting, after all).

    1. I certainly don’t have a problem with turning our embassies into hardened gun platforms. It’s a passive posture. You don’t storm the walls, you don’t get hosed.

  15. “When has the US ever responded in the way which you are advising? “

    Perdicaris alive, or Raisuli dead! Theodore Roosevelt, 1904

  16. Flamethrowers, in 100% seriousness we need to issue flamethrowers to the embassy guards.
    The first line over the walls gets torched, doubt many would try after the first folks go out like that.

    1. I like it. The fear effect is unbeatable.

      I think embassy defense is a pretty basic thing. No country anywhere is under any obligation to let mobs of scumbags invade embassy property. There should have been PILES of bodies there like the set of a zombie movie.

    2. Yeah, fire is one of those primal fears. I’ve often said that the best sort of checkpoint/gate defense would involve an intercom, and remotely-activated flamethrower nozzles. Folks may try something if they see guards with submachineguns, because movies tell them that car door stop bullets. Sure, they’ll get shot up in the attempt, but they’ll have already take out the gate by then.

      Fire, on the other hand, is intimidating.

      Flaming moats…

  17. Not that I want to be like the Russians but this doesn’t happen at Russian embassies. Why? They set a standard of fear of waking up with your bawz floating in a jar beside you. They speak the language.

    If Obama is re-elected everyone will end up loving us to death

    1. Right on. Personal fear on the part of the perpetrators. That’s what gets results. Knife work and deniability with a few unexplained disappearances.

  18. Simple solution. 2 very long lines of bulldozers in the Libyan desert. 1 facing east the other west. Advance to the sea

  19. These seven simple acts should be implemented immediately. They don’t effect any other acts decided upon later.

    Of course none will, because Obama.

    1. Can Hillary’s incompetent ass. (Preferably with prejudice.)

    2.Suspend all foreign aid to affected countries.

    3.Revoke immediately all trade licenses and agreements with affected countries.

    4.Declare all affected country’s Embassy personnell, private citizens and trade missions Persona Non Grata and require them to leave the US within 72 hours or face arrest and transfer to Guantanamo as terrorist suspects.

    5. Freeze all available funds of the Government and citizens of affected countries making them available for reparations and payments to families of dead or injured American Citizens.

    6.Immediately issue live ammunition and any other available arms to Embassy guards of all American Embassies worldwide, with orders to shoot anyone trying to gain unauthorized access.

    7. Recall and dismiss all American Ambassadors who disallowed Marine guards live ammunition or issued do not shoot orders. (Preferably with prejudice)

    Gerry N.

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