Winchester 94-22M Temptation

We have a Winchester 94-22m .22 Magnum that came in on trade.  It’s sporting a nice peep sight set up, nice checkered wood stocks… really nice looking.  From a distance.  Up close the gun is ugly.  Pitting everywhere and the wood has more dings than I’ve ever seen.  Some are unfortunately too deep to fix, and wood was amazing.  New, this rifle would have been stunning.

The temptation is to restore it.  No collector value, that’s just gone.  This would be a rescue.

9 thoughts on “Winchester 94-22M Temptation”

  1. A decade or more ago, I arrested a man with one of those.
    Seems that his wife had driven up and found him in his truck with a young lady. She had taken a baseball bat to his truck out of anger, then fled down the road.

    He took the girl home, then, in a meth-induced rage, had retrieved his handy M94-22M from behind the door, and stood in the road until she drove back. He pointed it at her, and tried to lever a round in, but his gun wouldn’t work. She drove away, terrified.

    I arrested him, and not knowing if he’d meant to try to hurt her, decided to charge him with “Deadly Conduct,” a Class A Misdemeanor.

    For whatever reason, the DA decided to drop the charges, claiming that it was “Self-defense” or “Mutual Combat.” BS.

    The gun hadn’t worked because the extractor had broken, the last time that he’d fired it, and there was still an empty .22 magnum case in the chamber. A year later, he confessed to me that he had fully intended to fire through the windshield of her pickup, and kill her.

    I was still a fairly new cop back then, and to this day, I think that I should have done a better job on that case, and that I should have filed it as an Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. I should have articulated the passage of time better.

    The last that I saw of that beautiful rifle was when our property officer signed it back over to him after the case was dismissed. If I’d had the money, I would have been tempted to offer to buy it from him.

  2. DO IT. Or let Mr. Matt take it, no doubt either way it will get the love it deserves. Very nice rifle to not be ogled.

      1. Well George, if you change your mind…or want to make a trade then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I have some pretty interesting stuff if you want to go the trade route.

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