What the duce?

On my way to work on the bike this morning, I’m flying through some twists… Flick the bike to the left… Then to the right… And as I’m coming through the curve, I downshift and goose the throttle. This lightens the front end and I exit the curve at full speed.
And then the throttle comes off in my hand.
I got it fixed now and the bike is fine now… But what a weird random thing to happen.

Pants on the head retarded

Now I am all for people thinking outside of the box when it comes to the tools of violence.
However this idea, is pants on the head retarded.
This makes the rifle unable to be lived with. Your rifle cases, anything the rifle might touch… it’s going to get torn up.
What the hell is this crap for? Come on.
For less money, get a BattleComp and get something that is actually going to make your gun a better gun.


I freaking hate ProMag. With a passion. No, I mean it. I could happily burn their factory to the ground and I don’t think I’d think twice about doing it and I don’t think any serious shooters would care.
Do they make anything that works? Seriously, any one thing? I’ve had a couple that worked just fine… for awhile. Then they all went tits up. And new mags from those clowns. Only work, or even fit in the gun, or load to capacity half the time.
Screw ProMag.