What the duce?

On my way to work on the bike this morning, I’m flying through some twists… Flick the bike to the left… Then to the right… And as I’m coming through the curve, I downshift and goose the throttle. This lightens the front end and I exit the curve at full speed.
And then the throttle comes off in my hand.
I got it fixed now and the bike is fine now… But what a weird random thing to happen.

5 thoughts on “What the duce?”

  1. Watch out Ogre, looks like Magpul has decided to “take steps” for your bad press. It was probably meant to look like an “accident”. 😀

    Seriously though, glad you’re okay.

  2. Time to get an FZ-1 I think. “Honey, my bike tried to kill me today, time to upgrade!”

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