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Sold a nice rifle package today…

An 82A1 topped with a Zeiss 6.5-20.  Gorgeous.


  1. 04/23/2011    

    Another prairie dog hunter I see…


  2. 04/23/2011    

    Probably the one gun I just can’t justify buying, but it’s still beautiful, in a post-nuclear-war-kill-the-Terminator sort of way. Hope you got a nice commission from the sale.

  3. TBeck's Gravatar TBeck

    I had a chance to handle the 98B the other day. Very nice rifles.

    • 04/24/2011    

      I like the 98B. Great rifle.

  4. seeker_two's Gravatar seeker_two

    Bet the neighborhood squirrels are nervous…. ;)

    • 04/24/2011    

      If by Squirrels you mean light armored vehicles… then probably.

    • 04/24/2011    

      Yeah, the neighborhood squirrels in Colorado.

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