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Recent message asked what guns I was thinking about getting in the future.
That’s a good question. Because there are so many awesome guns out there, and new ones coming down the pipe.

Kel-Tec’s KSG is top of the Want List. And for some reason, their .22 Mag auto pistol and rifle. That someone being my good friend Oleg Volk, who’s awesome pics make me really want guns I had no previous desire to own.
A Stoeger Deluxe Coach Gun… a simple side by side 12 guage… old school cool.
The lever gun for my Tactical Lever Action courses – I want a Rossi M92, blued, in .357. Not the shortest one, just their standard one. Holds more rounds.
I think I’d really like an STI 10mm like Larry Correia’s. Because that gun is just wicked awesome and I don’t have anything from STI yet.
Nightcrawler’s .44 Mag… his 5 inch 629 with the gold bead front sight. I want that gun. He aint selling, so I’ll have to get a plain one and send it in for the Nightcrawler Treatment from the Performance Center.
Of course, I also want a Crusader Broadsword, just like his too… I had thought about another configuration, but his is so freaking cool. I think I want one just like it but with a simple CTR stock.
I think the .357 Lever Action is going to be the next one, because of it’s use as a teaching platform. I’ll get a gold bead on it, and have it slicked up, but everything will pretty much be stock on it.
So nothing really outrageous in the Gun Wants department. At least not now. As companies bring out new stuff – this list is of course subject to change.

14 thoughts on “Gun Wants”

  1. Yanno… thats a darn good wants list.
    Nothing too “out there”, tho the STI would be pushing it “for me”.
    I cant wait for you to get the Lever…


  2. Speaking of lever actions, I’ve been thinking about the cost effectiveness of the Marlin in 30-30. With the new ammo available and a fixed low power scope on it, it has a considerable effectiveness envelope in a fairly light package. I haven’t looked lately but if a person is on a tight budget a used one might not be all that hard to find?

  3. Lots of used Marlin .30-30s around. Some even come with scopes already mounted.

    I had a Rossi .357 lever gun and got rid of it to pick up a Marlin 1894FG in .41 Magnum.
    Put XS peep sights on it.
    Fine and fine-shooting gun.

  4. Yeah, I’m not sure exactly why, but I do kinda want that KelTec PMR-30 too. That thing really is ugly as sin.

  5. Any chance of a .357 lever action Crusader LEO Project in the future? I’ve heard you mention that possibility previously…

    1. Yes. That’s a possibility. The Rossi M92 rifles are sturdy, but very rough. If we did it, we might use that as the base gun and rework… just about everything just to get it to where we want it. Then we’d upgrade the sights.

  6. Ya know, George, getting the Rossi as a teaching gun makes it a possible business write-off against the teaching income.

    I’m just sayin’

  7. I have a Timber wolf .357 slide action rifle/carbine. Just awsume camping gun..find one if you can Og!

    1. I remember wanting one of those strange pump actions when they were available. If Crusader could bring back the Timber Wolf – we would.

  8. The gold bead on the lever is a good, classy touch. The red fiber-optic Williams is NOT coming off my 336, though. Food For Thought.

  9. Just got my AR last week, which covers most of my wants for a while… But the KSG…. wow, I gottta have that.

  10. I thought you liked the Uplander better than the coach gun?

    Who liked the swing of the 20 Gauge Uplander, but I am not rich enough to be a shot gunner.

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